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Pathar Kuchi Pata or the Miracle Leaf benefits

The Miracle leaves are from a small shrub family and bears fleshy thick leaves and hollow stems. It contains an essential oil called as Karvakrol. These are commonly found in all gardens in India and can grow from the leaves as well. 391 more words

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Benefits of the Basak in Ayurveda

Basak is an ancient medicinal herb originating in India. Starting from the roots to its flowers and leaves, all parts of basak are used for treatments. 421 more words

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Just Dance

Just Dance

Happy Monday, my crafty friends! I know Mondays get a bad reputation, but today will be a lovely day for me! I sing with and accompany a community choir in our area, and we had concerts over the weekend. 584 more words

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Ayurvedic Significance of Peepal

From the start of our civilization, Peepal tree also known as the Sacred Fig Tree has been worshipped and in Ayurveda it has immense medicinal uses that provides us with good health and mind. 900 more words

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Living Sick While Spreading Shine

If You Are Going To Rise, You May As Well Shine, Darling!

Every morning I  wake to face a day filled with Chronic Illness ruling my to-do list. 285 more words

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Giloy – The Root of Immortality!

Tinospora cordifolia or generally known as Giloy are an ancient ayurvedic herb from India which has many medicinal properties and health benefits and thus also known as “Amrita” in vedas or the root of immortality. 448 more words

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Betel Leaves or Pan for our health

Betel leaves or Pan are the leaves grown in vines and are very famous and auspicious in India. It is widely grown in south and south east Asia. 728 more words

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