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Creative Blog Nomination

Okay, so I’m new to this blogging thing. I mean, I know my blog is over a year old, but the idea that there are people out there that I’ve never met listening is extraordinary, I think. 581 more words

Changing Season

The Nail Secret

Hello everybody!

Through my blog, I try to give you tips and suggestions so as to improve your lifestyle. I really hope they help you in some way or another. 293 more words


The Secrets of Victoria’s Secret you probably didn't know!

This cult American lingerie brand is such a must have for every second woman around the globe, isn’t it? Supermodel brand ambassadors or ‘angels’ right from Heidi Klum to Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Helena Christensen have become global faces! 336 more words

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6 Easy DIY Summer Hairstyles

Hello everybody!

Summers are here and its soaring hot here already with a temperature of 41°C!

For summers (especially when you are living in those countries where it gets… 103 more words


The Ultimate Beauty Secret

Hello everybody!

All of us wish to look our best during most of the times. May it be our makeup or our clothes, we want it perfect! 346 more words


Beautiful You Ep 121 Just Give me 10 minutes

People that are fated to be together always have the most painful love story. That example would be Seo Kyung and Jin Hyung everyday. This episode also signify  that to the extreme for the fact that both family don’t want her to be with Jin Hyung. 381 more words


Coffee and Chats | What Even is Dating? | Letters to Corey

Okay, two of my favourite things to do in the entire world, is drink coffee while having a chat. (Just happened last week when I had pancakes before Crossfit and had some mint chats, see so I do it in “real” life) 1,041 more words