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Beautiful You Ep 121 Just Give me 10 minutes

People that are fated to be together always have the most painful love story. That example would be Seo Kyung and Jin Hyung everyday. This episode also signify  that to the extreme for the fact that both family don’t want her to be with Jin Hyung. 381 more words


Coffee and Chats | What Even is Dating? | Letters to Corey

Okay, two of my favourite things to do in the entire world, is drink coffee while having a chat. (Just happened last week when I had pancakes before Crossfit and had some mint chats, see so I do it in “real” life) 1,041 more words


Living With Addiction Tammy Tangent Tuesdays ~ Day 23

Living With Addiction

Performance-Based Beloveds

† Freedom To Just Be †

Day 23 of 40

Hello Beautiful, I have missed you!  I am so excited to get back into the swing of writing again.  920 more words

Let's Get Real

Welcome to Beyond the Mask Photography, a branch of Call the Shots Photography. Beyond the mask is all about women, no matter what age you are. 613 more words

a little inspiration.

I’ve been so busy in life lately. Places to go, things to make, baby preparations, etc…

It’s actually gotten quite overwhelming. I want to be spontaneous and ready for anything the day brings, but I’m so tired. 378 more words

Lately Life

Beautiful You At last ep 105-106

Can I just say what the hell was going on with the delay. Okay now first of all Sung Joon I knew it. You just couldn’t be man enough to let her go could you. 873 more words


Living With Addiction † Breaking Free From Captivity Day 22 of 40

Living With Addiction

Breaking Free From Captivity

† Freedom to be You and Me †

Day 22 of 40

A child’s innocence stolen!  Through no fault of their own, the child is thrust into an environment that is anything conducive to behaviors worth emulating, much less a world that any adult should walk through or be subjected to.  958 more words