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Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes (Dump and Blitz Style)

Although nothing new in the grand scheme of things, this is another recipe deserving of keeping as it’s quick, simple and you can get away with the ‘dump and blitz’ method of using the food processor instead of 40 bowls, 20 spoons and last night’s take out containers. 533 more words



“Why do we love sunsets?

I think it’s a moment in which we can actually witness the transformation, the transition from day to night. In ordinary waking states we cannot percieve the passing of the moment. 155 more words

It is All How One Looks at it

For some reason I find it interesting when people take photographs or make videos of their travels rather than experience then, but that is kind of hypocritical. 175 more words


fashion inspiration of the day

MarĂ­a Turiel Soler wearing this magical dress

no sugar challenge

anak dah tido. tapi saya still berjaga. menanti stock serrose yang awesome. last two bottles dalam tangan. but sebotol tu macam iolls kena ‘beli’ dah sebab mine dah nak habis. 189 more words