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In 2011, A4I visited the center for at-risk youth at the Ein Gedi Kibbutz to beautify their room. Our¬†international roster of the world’s greatest graffiti artists set fire to the night sky.

Film by Dred of HotMop


My wildflower

Her love was like
a soft breeze on a hot day,
her spirit was like
an all too fragant flower,
her mind was an explosion… 24 more words


The lesson of love

A lesson taught
by a feeling;
an emotion;
an action;
a wonderous word,
is that it cannot be
used abundantly,
as it is a treasure… 140 more words



Why is it that we cannot grasp the fact that we are bigger than the fear we face, every day, with every new season, every new challenge that brings along a new fear – of defeat, of loss or death, of becoming the monster that we hate… we can challenge it back by faith, by believing in our Creator and ourselves more than in our inability to perform while in shock, while paralysed by anxiety. 93 more words


The Art of Love

I look at you
and I am swept away,
like a brush on a canvas,
a beautiful colour array,
mixing of bright colours,
representing my soul, 61 more words