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Skin Care 101 - Travel Essentials

Airplane travel, at one point or another we’ve all had the pleasure of being constrained to a small seat, breathing in recycled air, and praying we don’t catch any viruses listening to some cough and sneeze in front of you. 650 more words

Dr Libby - Beauty from the Inside Out

Chapter One: Beautiful Foods:

  • Eat leafy greens
  • Organic is best
  • Reduce liver loaders, refined sugars, trans fats
  • Liver detox requires vit B which you get from whole grains…
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Trials and tribulations of lunch break shopping 

So the day started and I felt pretty good – a run, healthy smoothie, smooth commute to work – clean, fresh and feeling good.

Then I went shopping on my lunch break and all of a sudden my clothes looked so old and worn compared to the fresh new ones in Zara – I need new clothes!! 177 more words


Dry Skin Mantra: Water, Oil, Repeat Outside, and Inside

Water, Oil, Repeat Outside, Water, Oil, Repeat Inside

For those of us with dry skin, sometimes it seems like no matter how much lotion or even oil we apply our skin seems to soak it up and still leave us with dry skin. 939 more words

Holistic Skincare