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You are you

Even gold, crystals, diamonds and rubies.
They twinkle, shine and glimmer differently.
Just like ushuman beings.
We ain’t born similar to each other. 278 more words



Sometimes it’s easier to understand a thing via its opposite and by defining for yourself what it is not.

Sometimes she laughs, sometimes she cries. And displays all the facets of emotion. 97 more words

Flash Review: Cheese In The Trap

You know how, when you drive past an accident on a highway, and your brain says not to waste time staring, since that’ll just slow down traffic even more, but as you crawl past in your car, the curious cat in you can’t help but stare in morbid fascination anyway? 3,000 more words

Flash Review

Adding Music to Wordpress?

So I’m trying to add the awesomest song as the background song to my blog…

But I can’t figure it out :( Why isn’t this working? 208 more words


Weekend Must-See Movies: Magnifico and Beauty Inside

It’s summer and it’s time to have fun again! Usually, summer weekends are spent for going out and mingling with friends. But if you don’t have the luxury of time or funds then I got something for you. 600 more words


Which One Are You: Beauty Inside or Outside?

Who would you rather be with?

a. A very attractive Aphrodite, who is shallow and under average intelligence with an ego stretching across the ocean. 903 more words