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What is this Blog About?

As a former trained make-up artist and cosmetician, avid make-up and skincare junkie and lover of the written word, I’m writing this blog out of sheer interest and frustration. 395 more words

Cosmetics And Social Media

The Un-Make-up Make-up Blog

As a former trained make-up artist and cosmetician and long-time make-up and cosmetics junkie, I’ve seen trends come and go, and come back again. With the explosion of social media and hundreds of very successful amateur bloggers who boast millions of avid and dedicated followers, why start another make-up blog? 516 more words

Cosmetics And Social Media

Poem-A-Day: Christine Heppermann (again)

Yesterday I posted a poem by Christine Heppermann about the evolution of the dominance problem inherent in the inequity between men and women.

Today I’m posting one by her about the tragedy of the beauty myth, about how people can become conditioned — brain-washed — to pick themselves apart. 278 more words


Poem-A-Day: Christine Heppermann

When the Poem-A-Day series meets Women Writers Wednesday series meets Whom I’m Reading series…

My friend Sarah gave me a book of poems for Christmas called… 409 more words


Satire Surreal Film V2

For this slightly different version of my critique of the beauty myth, I decided to focus on a more specific portion of the body that women usually seem to have a problem with. 38 more words


The Beauty Industry Made me do it

By Olivia Comstock 

John Berger in his famous television program Ways of Seeing said that, “Men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. 930 more words

Uniquely Original

I stood staring in the mirror wanting to simply admire God’s creation- His beauty shining upon me. When all of a sudden my eyes began to zone in on a scar…and then another scar! 565 more words