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Weekly Digest: Girlhood

I spent some time this week thinking about the experience of taking my daughter to see Cinderella.  When my students asked about what I thought about it, my response of “Oh, I have things to say” garnered a chuckle.   422 more words

- Beauty Myth -

None of this is true. “Beauty” is a currency system like the gold standard. Like any economy, it is determined by politics, and in the modern age in the West it is the last, best belief system that keeps male dominance intact.

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On Being Naked

Is being naked a potentially radical and fulfilling act? Of course. What about posting clothing-less pictures of yourself online? Not so much, especially if you are a woman. 1,126 more words

A Narcissistic Society

In Greek Mythology there is the story of Narcissus who on discovering his reflection in a pool of water became obsessed with his self image. And the ego was born. 159 more words

Listen to Fitbabe and FFG

This post features the voices of Fitbabe and FFG.

First hear Fitbabe discuss her fitness career and philosophy with Jay Scott at Full Disclosure Fitness. Listen to the podcast here:  34 more words

When feminists are pretty...and other impossible things

I just finished reading ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf and I would strongly recommend that everyone, men and women, read, at the very least, the last chapter. 886 more words


Miss Congeniality

There is nothing a female likes more than a stereotypical ‘girl power’ film. Miss Congeniality and its sequel, Miss Congeniality 2 both scream GIRL POWER from the beginning and throughout. 661 more words