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My Beautiful, Sexy, Curly Hair

I’ve been leaving my natural, curly hair down more and more. And I’ve been feeling good about it. By societal standards, it’s nothing beautiful. It’s a little scraggly at times, more curly on the bottom than top, and it’s not very long or flowing. 677 more words


Bought and Sold

You’ve been sold a lie

And you paid for it with shame

The beauty myth

Peddled by big business

Costing us in more ways than we can count… 17 more words

Tough Mother F

The older and wiser I get the more I realize the truth. We don’t have to be pretty or beautiful. We have to be tough mother fuckers to get by in this world. 119 more words

From Tallulah's Heart


What has changed since 1991?

The Beauty Myth has not.

As we women start to be liberated the Beauty Myth rears its ugly head more and more. 332 more words

Women's Studies



She moves, she undulates.

Each side-swaying step a glory in ripples.

Waves moving up, down, out.

Her skin barely containing her body as it strains. 367 more words


Show Your Scars - Confronting the Beauty Myth

“Not all wounds need healing and not all scars are ugly”  (The Lonely City, Olivia Laing)

We live in an age that kneels at the altar of image, where the populace at large prostrates itself before beauty, coveting the projections of perfection that infiltrate our lives minute by minute, moment by moment.   658 more words

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