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Belly Dancing Bliss

I attended a belly dancing workshop on February 28th in 2015 led by Kalia Kellogg. Kalia shared her personal background and told the class about how she got into the art of belly dancing. 555 more words


The Psychology of Body Positivity

I am tired of the body positivity movement. Everyday my in-box is flooded with memes telling me I am perfect, sexy, and strong. I receive countless messages commanding me to love myself from head to toe. 680 more words

Deadbeat Blogger and The Feminist Awakening Continues

So I did that thing I swore I wasn’t going to do and completely abandoned another blog. I can’t really make excuses for it, but I can tell you that life got busy and tough, and I bailed on a project that I wanted so badly to maintain. 631 more words


Diary of a mothering worker. December 15, 2015

Post 217.

Contemporary celebrity-led, liberal feminism mass markets a super-feminine image to young women today. This brand of empowerment-on-stilettos shouts out independent ladies who make their own money and it promotes unapologetic sexiness as ultimate self-expression and woman power. 676 more words

Momentous Trivialities: Diary Of A Mothering Worker

Plastic Boobs

It’s high time Plastic Doll Heads had a post on plastic boobs. Breast augmentation, boob job, whatever you want to call it.I wrote the bulk of this last week… But after having explant surgery today I will add my thoughts. 1,109 more words


My dirty little secret

Today, I felt so ugly and
I am mama “you are wonderfully and beautifully made” -thats my dirty little secret.
Hell! One of the reasons I dont mind all the weight am gaining (courtesy of Maboneng restaurants) is because I want to learn to love my fat self and be sure that I won’t be exercising like crazy next year in college more because of an aspiration to some ideal body image aka ‘utter bull’ rather than for the sake of fitness. 398 more words