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My dirty little secret

Today, I felt so ugly and
I am mama “you are wonderfully and beautifully made” -thats my dirty little secret.
Hell! One of the reasons I dont mind all the weight am gaining (courtesy of Maboneng restaurants) is because I want to learn to love my fat self and be sure that I won’t be exercising like crazy next year in college more because of an aspiration to some ideal body image aka ‘utter bull’ rather than for the sake of fitness. 398 more words


The Beauty Myth Comes from Within: Why Women Sustain Unrealistic Beauty Standards

In 1991, Naomi Wolf published her famous book “The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women”, where she discusses the changes that happened to the idea of beauty and how that resulted in the distorted, anorexic, unnatural image of feminine beauty we have today. 947 more words

Have you ever had an Epiphany?

“Have you ever had an Epiphany? Something the Lord showed you to mold you and grow you?”

Have you ever – Armond WakeUp

I vaguely remember a friend asking me what I thought about sex and sexuality. 1,151 more words


Feminism Myth #3: Feminists Shouldn't Wear Makeup

Some people are of the school of thought that feminists shouldn’t wear makeup or care about fashion because it somehow opposes the belief that men and women should be equal. 785 more words


Beauty myth series: ladies, stop wearing spanx

Having to wear anything that doesn’t fit comfortably sucks. It sucks more to have to contort your body and in some cases physically damage yourself to look more svelte than you are. 23 more words


The Anti Pornography Manifesto

1. We recognise that pornography is an affront to women’s rights on both a material and abstract level.
2. We aim to educate readers about the harms of pornography and unite against the infiltration of pornography into popular culture and our private lives. 71 more words

Women's Liberation

wedding why's and why not's

My brother is getting married on the 27th. He and his wife are having a church wedding, 15 years after they were civilly wed. As expected, the whole family is excited, both with the wedding’s religious significance and of course, with getting all glammed up for a formal event. 242 more words

Beauty Myth