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Signs of Days to Come

Working in the garden today I found two burnished, red maple leaves lying on the green summer grass. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. It’s still July, almost August. 409 more words


When the Moon Is New

A new moon holds a hint of promise to me. It’s a sign of hope, an event that will lead to something fuller. It marks starting over, the beginning of something that will fully bloom into something more magnificent. 163 more words


Set Hope Free

Head bowed down, I listen to the stories on the news with deep sadness. I listen to my own inner voice telling me that I am aging. 221 more words



Color blankets the world with joy. The green leaves rustle in light breezes. The tall amber colored grasses sway in the wind. The sky glistens with blues, pinks and purples and dancing white clouds. 92 more words


Life in a Village

Our beautiful Lebanon provides children with plenty of natural and nurturing experiences that help in their growth and development. Last weekend, I took my precious five to their father’s hometown village where we decided to spend a few days – unlike the previous times when we only completed a few visits and left. 605 more words


Around the Farm: Holding Back the Wild

Today being the 4th of July, the idea of freedom comes readily to mind. Nature has its own ideas of freedom, too. Whether you live in the suburbs or on a farm, a quiet battle is continually underway, a fight to keep the wild things at bay-the grass, the “weeds” (that don’t know they are such a problem), shrubs, trees, vines, deer, woodchucks, rabbits, you name it–all those other living beings that are ever eager to reclaim the space that was once only theirs. 619 more words


Nature in its splendor

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