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A Clever Way to Waste Women's Time

I’ve had this theory for a while now, that the beauty industry and society are conspiring against women. They not only want women to feel self-conscious and striving to forever look young, slim and beautiful, as per society’s standards, as a way to make profit, but also and mainly to keep women busy. 1,941 more words


Beauty wishlist: Skincare

I’ve always been a bit up and down with my skin, some days it’s so clear and it makes me feel so great, and then two days later I’ll have a major break-out and I’ll feel gross. 401 more words


Good Night Beauty Regime

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of your beauty regimen and does more for your good looks than the best balm or treatment. While you sleep, blood continuously replenishes your skin, giving it a rosy glow. 651 more words


10 Tips to up Your Beauty Game

There are hundreds of beauty tips floating around out there on the internet – but that definitely doesn’t mean we should be following every single one of them. 455 more words


New Year, New Routine

I’m not one for “New Year, New Me” thought processes. I’ve never felt that just because the calendar ticks over that it means I’m bound for change. 957 more words

Hair And Beauty


Hi, Assalamualaikum semua pembaca sekalian.

Terima kasih kerana sudi dan tak jemu membaca coretan-coretan saya di sini.

Ok, kali ini, saya nak kongsikan dengan semua tentang salah satu produk dalam skincare terbaru Shaklee iaitu Youth Luminuous Cleanser. 259 more words

5 reasons you need coconut oil in your beauty regime

Coconut oil has many uses, from frying food to use as a hair conditioner. It should be a staple product in your beauty bag because it can be used to treat dry skin, chapped lips and moisturize hair. 462 more words