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Beauty Regime

I’ve always been super lazy and have never really cared about my skin – that is until now. I’m nearly 26 and I am still breaking out, if not more now! 385 more words


Jurlique Jewels

Hiya Queens,

It’s been way too long since my last post, but during my time off (time away from blogging, life still went full steam ahead) I had the chance to fully immerse myself in a few treats the lavly people from Jurlique were kind enough to send me a few weeks ago. 809 more words


Summer Makeup Routine

I’ve never been particularly obsessed with makeup. Winged liner, deep lips, and defined brows have always had a tendency to make me feel out of place in my own skin, and a former, foolish me used to think that engaging with beauty products automatically implied intensity. 490 more words

Ultherapy, which has come to be known as Hollywood’s beauty secret, is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that reverses any signs of aging you might have. Actually what it does is lift your face up, without any nipping or tucking.

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Soft Aesthetics

The Pressure of Looking Tan

“I can’t wear shorts yet. Not without putting some self-tanner before. I’ll look like a piece of cheese otherwise :-o”. To that, I just looked confused. 329 more words



Microneedling is hot theses days, it’s safe to say that everyone and anyone has heard of Microneedling – a micro injury method that consists of rolling tiny needles into the skin to stimulate new collagen production via your skins own natural healing process. 273 more words

Soft Aesthetics

Beauty Secrets shared by very own Bollywood stars!

Bollywood divas are known for their soft,supple, fresh and flawless skin. But you know, you can also get a skin just like them. Imagine waking up next morning with the skin you dreamt of. 270 more words