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I do seem to love reading...

Not to go back on my word, and there will be more to this blog than just this but how amazing are naps.

I mean I know stereo-typically they are an old people thing, or an ill persons thing, but I love my naps… 609 more words

Mister Deluca's Thoughts

Photos | Pleasure Beach - Whelan's

The mighty Pleasure Beach took to the stage in front of a packed crowd in Whelan’s last night with support from Beauty Sleep. TLMT was there to cover the event. 14 more words


Night Owl

For some really strange reason quite unknown to me, I find that I become rather active at night – it’s like my brain suddenly figures out a million and one things that I have to do that day which I of course didn’t think of while I just played during the day, or my brain magically works out a solution to a problem that I was trying to fix or I just find a great motivation to write, like right now. 528 more words

Beauty Sleep

Review: Slipsilk Sleep Mask

First of all, try saying the name of this post 5x fast. It’s a tongue twister for sure!

Anyway, let’s talk about sleep. Sleep is so important to me and studies show that humans spend an average of 26 of their lifetimes sleeping! 353 more words



Welcome back.

Another Friday night?

Glory to God!


One of my resolutions this year was to sleep earlier and longer.

I can’t even begin to explain how almost impossible that has been. 400 more words


Get Your Beauty Sleep!

I’ve often joked about needing my “beauty sleep” and as much as I like to sleep you can imagine my excitement when I learned that beauty sleep was a real thing. 575 more words

Monsters in the Nightlight

In the morning I’m a monster
An uncoordinated mess
I’m sorry if I poked your eye
I’m clumsy, I confess

And once I punched you in my sleep… 83 more words