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What could possibly be sweeter than sleep?

I got out of bed today, already thinking of how I couldn’t wait to get into the same bed tonight. What is it with waking up so darned tired everyday? 141 more words

Random Rants

I have a very extensive beauty sleep regimen.


Not able to sleep , then why not try Beauty Sleep.

With the awesome response from the Nightly Routine which is actually a step needed for good sleep. This post is on helping people to sleep well . 360 more words


Social Media

Well… do you really want the truth social media?? Don’t be fooled by everyone’s perfectly filtered and happy-go-lucky pictures… This bitch needs her beauty sleep… 6 more words


HOW TO: Get better sleep

One thing (ahem, of many) that I struggle with on a regular basis is lack of sleep.  Like seriously sleep deprived. If it wasn’t bouts of insomnia then it was extremely light sleep patterns. 3,074 more words


Sleep Dance

I do not want to be up
I want some sleep inside a cup
To drizzle it all over me
So I can dream a dance party


Product Review - Boots Sleep Pillow Mist Lavender

We all need our beauty sleep. Sleep does wonders for our skin and mood. I can’t function without sleep. I know I get very grumpy when I don’t have enough sleep and I breakout as well. 187 more words