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Beauty Sleep Essentials

I have learned that the no make-up make-up look comes only second to a well-rested face. You may be able to conceal those dark circles but nothing beats the natural glow from getting seven to eight hours of sleep. 355 more words


Beauty Plans for 2017

2017 is a year of paying attention to my beauty and skincare routine. I started paying more attention to my skincare last year and I plan to continue this year. 334 more words

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How To Fall Into a Deep Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at getting to sleep. Unless I’m watching a film that I’ve been looking forward to seeing of course, in that case, I can guarantee I’ll fall asleep within the first half, and wake up to the credits. 683 more words

Winter Skincare Essentials 

Happy New Year Little Muffins 😘Let’s begin the New Year with a lot of Self Love and Care.

Because it’s that time of the year when our skin throws the most amount of tantrums. 413 more words

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Catch Some Zzzzzzz's!

Hustling in Heels can sure make you tired! But if you’re anything like me, so many ideas float around in your brain late in the midnight hour… which makes it hard to catch some Zzzzzzz’s! 135 more words


My Winter Break Morning Routine

Hi, everyone!

This is my morning routine for winter break! I recently got a Canon Rebel T5i so look forward to good quality YouTube videos and also good quality photos in future blog posts! 18 more words


Beauty sleep – a myth or truth?

Beauty sleep as the absolute beauty trend is nothing new. It is based on a presumption that lack of sleep affects our look, that is, makes us happy. 25 more words