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For A Beauty Sleep...!!!

Hey Princess,

How was your day??? No matter how busy/ hectic/ tiring/sad your day was, always make sure to do at least one little thing which makes you happy…!!! 447 more words

[Week 17: Glitter] Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is my theme for 2016 :) so naturally, I had to use Trushine Gel in Sweet 16 for my glitter week!

This week is an all gel mani! 158 more words



A beauty sleep isn’t a myth. Our bodies benefit from hours spent in the arms of Morpheus. How to use it to it’s most and change your everyday routine into anti-aging trick? 39 more words


5 Night Time Beauty Habits

Ever fancy a few more minutes in bed in the morning? Yes. We all do. So what if there were some time saving habits you could start the night before, to wake up with better, brighter and generally more gorgeous skin, hair and nails. 477 more words


The Power Of Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep. I bet half of you would have done a perfunctory click on this post (but if you are still reading it then, thank you!) and the other half would have reveled over the fact that I made a post regarding a topic which has been rumoured to be suitable only for the leading ladies of the film industry. 392 more words


Beauty sleep by Em Lewis 

Did you know sleep is one of the most overlooked pillars of good health. A good night’s shut eye is responsible for so many functions of the body especially the balancing hormones. 58 more words


Beauty Sleep & Counting Sheep....

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a few interesting couple of months and I think a little bit of over thinking has put me into sleep insomnia overdrive. 517 more words

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