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Sleepless Nights Beauty Tips.

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University is back in full swing for me and because of that I am slowly missing more and more hours of sleep at night and this is definitely showing up in my skin. 390 more words


Product Goodbye and Hello

Bad news: YSL has discontinued Beauty Sleep! I know, I know…let’s all have a moment to mourn the loss of this miracle in a tube. 143 more words


In praise of sleep...

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There was a time when I could not get enough shut-eye. You’d find me curling up like the proverbial tabby by the fire, or skulking off for a ‘siesta’ on a warm sunny afternoon. 266 more words


How to get your beauty sleep 💕

– Make your room cool before you go to bed

– Don’t bring your laptop or phone to the bed. It’ll make you more awake… 33 more words

Bed Time Tag!

Winters are for staying in and snuggling! I wish I could hibernate! So, without further ado, here comes the bed time tag!

1. What are you favourite pajamas? 258 more words

Sleep It Off

Use your beauty sleep productively! Take advantage of the 6-8 hours of downtime you get each night by incorporating your beauty routine into your REM. Wake up to skin and hair that is recharged, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. 371 more words

7 reasons to be grateful for load shedding

The word load shedding has escalated to swear status in South Africa this year. Although I must say I don’t see people moaning about it as much as they did E-tolls. 404 more words

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