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Paddy Hanna, Beauty Sleep & Montauk Hotel to play TLMT's 'Lost Tapes' at Bello Bar

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to announce that Paddy Hanna, Beauty Sleep and Montauk Hotel will play its inaugural Lost Tapes show at the Bello Bar. 117 more words


How to Fight Jet Lag

Travelling is fun and exciting. I love seeing new sights and learning about different cultures. But when you travel across several time zones, your body finds it difficult to immediately adjust. 496 more words

Fashion And Style Police

Sleep in a Bottle? Maybe!

Can we find beauty sleep in a bottle?

I did not get much sleepy last night. It happens: you’re up late chattin’ it up with cool people and think to yourself: I’ll be fine with just five hours of sleep. 529 more words

Visible Aging: How to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Aging is inevitable, but aging gracefully is the goal of every hopeful and rosy young woman out there. While we know that wrinkle-free isn’t an option, we’d like to look healthy and young as the years go by.

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Sleeping Beauty

If you’ve ever gone on an overnight trip with a Black girl (or if you’re in a relationship with one), then you know that she’s not hitting the sack until she’s tied her hair up with her beloved hair tie. 512 more words

The Beauty Sleep

After a many hours of being awake, our bodies always needs time to recover and recuperate. Depriving oneself is equivalent to a neglecting our body’s needs which should always be prioritized to avoid serious problems in the likes of illnesses. 521 more words


How to Manage your Mood Swings

We all have to deal with mood swings every now and again. There is some much going on in life, it is impossible to be happy every time. 489 more words

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