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Tips to get your BEAUTY SLEEP!

You may think that you’re off the clock when it comes to your beauty sleep routine. Its normal to go through phases when you can’t get to sleep. 495 more words

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Talks: Why Beauty Sleep is Much Needed

So, it turned out that for the past week, I only got more or less two to four hours of sleep a day, which is pretty crazy considering that my closest friends and family always know that I almost always prioritize sleep over everything. 375 more words


Exercise + Sleep = beautiful skin

Exercise promotes healthy, beautiful skin. By exercising, your blood circulation increases; carrying cell ravage off. While you’re working out and you start to sweat, be happy! 71 more words

Make your skin work for you while you sleep.

As you all know beauty sleep is very important not just for your physical well-being but for your skin too. But for some of us it’s a big struggle to get that recommended 8-hour sleep. 410 more words

Banish Insomnia for Good

News cycle affecting your sleep cycle? Mine too. For over a year now, I’ve been battling with some minor but frequent bouts of insomnia. Every night without fail, I wake up at 2 a.m., toss and turn, read a little, check Instagram, try and find a position I can fall asleep in, and repeat until 6 a.m. 436 more words


Track Of The Day: Beauty Sleep - 'The Feeling Back'

Littered with moments of galactic dream pop, Beauty Sleep’s new single ‘The Feeling Back’ longs for a past just out of reach.

With twisting bass-lines and groovy percussion, the trio’s instrumental would be apt on a glistening dancefloor. 126 more words

New Music

Beauty Sleep: The Feeling Back Single Preview

Next Friday (09/02) will see Beauty Sleep unleash a brand new single and this being The Feeling Back. Now this enticing trio compromise of Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson. 309 more words

Single Review