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Skin Freshness by using IcePack

చర్మానికి తాజాదనాన్నిచ్చే ఐస్‌ప్యాక్స్..!

సహజసిద్ధమైన పదార్థాలను ఉపయోగించి తయారుచేసే ఐస్‌క్యూబ్స్‌తో వేసవి వేడిమి కారణంగా తలెత్తే సమస్యల నుంచి ఉపశమనం పొందవచ్చు..continue

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Use this kitchen item to get pearly white teeth

They say that smile is the best make up that one can wear. But at the same time, Yellow teeth can be an instant put off. 89 more words

Short hair rescue! Three styles for any occasion…

As someone who likes to wear my hair quite long, I do enjoy the challenge of styling short hair and definitely understand that in-between stage, where it’s not quite long enough to tie back but also not short enough to look cool without loads of product! 329 more words

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The Ultimate Beauty Treat Just For you!

When the day is finally over and After all that hassles from work, school or your daily activities, just make out time for yourself and do you for you!  209 more words


How to remove dead skin

1. Brown sugar-
Brown sugar is very useful for everybody because you can remove your dead skin.
You need – 1.1 tbs of brown sugar… 386 more words


10 face pack for darkspots skin

1. Lemon and honey face pack-
Lemon is tropically. It’s citric acid present in. Lemon helps to lighten your skin and dark spots. It’s contained bleaching properties. 785 more words