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Naomi Campbell Adora Produsele Orientale

Adepta a unui stil desprins parca din ,,O mie si una de nopti”, supermodelul si-a decorat baina din apartamentul ei parizian asemenea unei veritabil sanctuar al unei cadane. 36 more words

Sprancenele Frumoase Lumineaza Privirea

Moda pleaca, moda vine, insa, pensatul ramane! Forma sprancenelor trebuie sa se armonizeze cu restul trasaturilor, sa le puna in valoare si sa le defineasca. 137 more words


For some, achieving the ideal cat-eye look, can be a real challenge, even if we are very experienced at it. This is why there are numerous products and tricks that should help out at the application of perfect cat-like lines, and the latter one became a viral – with a very good reason. 299 more words


6 Secrets of women who always have the perfect makeup!

Their skin is like porcelain, and they always have perfectly made-up eyes! We reveal their secrets!

1. Quality preparation – The more hydrated your skin is, the better it will look when you put the powder on, also it will last longer. 227 more words


Awesome tips for storing makeup on alternative ways!

Cosmetic bags used by the vast majority of users of make-up products are not even the neatest and most comfortable way of storing a lipstick, especially those lipsticks which you reach out to every day. 250 more words


Pentru Un Ten Curat Si Proaspat

Dupa fiecare spalare a fetei, produsu de curatare trebuie bine indepartat, cu apa din abundenta, de pe fata, gat si decolteu. Apoi se va tampona pielea cu lotiune pentru fata, care indeparteaza si ultimele resturi; in plus, ea invioreaza, stimuleaza si intinde pielea. 53 more words

Essential beauty tips every girl should know

Simple and easy things to keep you pretty…

  • Drink water. And lots of it. It hydrates your skin, nourishes your hair, refreshes your senses and can stop you feeling hungry for a while.
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