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No 'Poo Week 0: Before

You’ve probably heard of it. This beauty and health trend is becoming more and more popular every time I look online. Women are cutting chemical-filled oil-stripping manufactured shampoo (or ‘Poo, as these trend-users are calling it) and either skipping their hair altogether in their shower routine, or choosing to use more natural alternatives, the most popular of which being baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 403 more words


Foundation Before Concealer!

Hey everyone! So heres todays quick tip! Really simple, really easy! Nothin’ to it!
If you have dark circles under your eyes, or even if you just want lighter looking skin there thats fine too! 65 more words



If you’re one of those ladies whose hair simply will not grow passed a certain point, I guarantee you, you’re not alone. Growing my hair has always been a struggle for me. 650 more words


Get Gorgeous: 6 Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Like A Million Dollars

I’ve tried some of these beauty tricks and they actually work.

For the last eight months I have been working with coconut oil (pure virgin coconut oil) on my skin and hair and it really has done well for me. 14 more words

HOW TO: Apply Eye cream correctly

So if you anything like me, you will have no idea that there is a right and wrong way to apply eye cream.

And apparently I have been applying it wrong my entire life. 131 more words



     Photo made by Daboczi David


Acesta nu poate fi decat un caleidoscop pentru ca in ultima vreme si in special de cand nu am mai apucat sa scriu, s-au intamplat ataaatea! 695 more words


3 Natural Remedies for Sagging Skin

Ladieeeees (and gents)! There is something to be said for people who age with grace and steer clear of the surgical methods of preserving youth. But, lets be real. 233 more words