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Ice cube trays aren't just for ice! Awesome idea for eyeshadow storage!

As my makeup collection grows, I keep trying to find storage solutions so that I can keep everything organized and most importantly see what I have! 98 more words


help me with a project!

I am looking to get some feedback on a project for school. Check out this comprehensive list for becoming a beauty guru and let me know if there is anything to add/change in the comments! 8 more words

The Easiest Trick to Get Rid of Whiteheads

I’ve been #blessed with pretty good skin most of my life. The downside to that, however, is that when I do get a zit it tends to be BIG. 194 more words


DIY- How To Fix Your Broken Powders?

Hey lovelies!

It has happened to all of us–our favorite compact powder drops to the floor and cracks into a million beautiful little pieces. Whatever you do, don’t put that product back in your makeup bag. 404 more words

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