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It's Never too Late to Change Who You Are. Here Are 7 Ways You Can Turn Your Life Around Today (2 min read)

1. Develop a strong work ethic.

In terms of building a successful career, work ethic trumps everything. What that means is doing your job and getting it done come hell or high water. 423 more words


Did you say you like "natural" beauty?

Well. Do you?

These are two very different pieces of work. But the message is clear. We harp on “natural” beauty, but when it comes to letting nature take its course, well, we suddenly don’t like it so much. 11 more words


Hammock of Cadillacs

Moonbeams on the pasturelands

Pregnant with star-kissed velvet sky’s warmth

Weary soles of lavenders relax

Lean upon night’s hammock of cadillacs


Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014) was a South African author and activist. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991.

Original Background Image: Summer by KreativeHexenkueche


Until I Met You: Awesome Things About Being A Mum...

Whoever suggests being a parent is easy is either in complete state of denial or 5 years old & cuddling a Tiny Tears doll. I’m convinced of this not just from my own experience but from also watching my own mum raise 4 children of her own. 446 more words