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Fallas in Valencia - surviving while sober

Part II of gazillion Be your own unicorn. Because…well, why wouldn’t you?

For those who haven’t read part I of the Fallas series, let me sum up this experience for you: 5 days of rivers of… 493 more words

Logic And 21 Collaborators Turn A Gas Station Into A Stage In ‘Do What You Love’ Video

Logic has collaborated with more than 20 artists across the world for a new song, ‘Do What You Love.’ Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s creative platform, HITRECORD, made the effort possible and the video reflects the diversity in singers and instrumentalists


Bright, Beautiful, Deadly


Every morning is the same; wake up before the sun, skip breakfast, race the rays of sunlight down from the highest point in Sydney to the lowest lane for the bus stop. 1,684 more words


Made my vanity from someones junk!!

Submitted March 17, 2019 at 10:37PM by dy3nam1x
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Buzzfeed Gives Muslim Jew-Haters Who Harassed Chelsea Clinton A Guest Column: The left grows more insane with hatred and rage every day. https://t.co/8E260NjYzO pic.twitter.com/pMRPpZ0fj5

— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) March 18, 2019



Evil comes in all forms. Another evil act of terror today. #Utrecht my thoughts and prayers are with you.

— Kaya Jones (@KayaJones) March 18, 2019



Your Highness

Please kindly take Mei-Shun’s appreciation for your graceful exhibition so far. Almost 2 months have passed since the eldest Princess Cymby bloomed. Now she looks a bit tired, others would follow soon. 39 more words