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Beaver Fact of the Week: The Oldest Dam Fossil

Beavers have been around a long time – building dams, swimming in their ponds – generally living the beaver dream. Exactly how long ago do we have proof of them building dams and chewed down trees? 161 more words


Beaver Dam Middle School improves focus on reading

Beaver Dam Middle School has created a way to add reading at the beginning of the school day.

The Reading Responders initiative is the brainchild of three teachers at BDMS; Angie Vessey, Katie Schwartz and Paul Friedemann. 108 more words

Beaver Fact of the Week: A Darn Big Dam

Beaver dams vary in height and length depending on the features of the landscape they are built in. They do tend to fall within a common range of dimensions, however. 230 more words


Beaver Dam Tip Stick Ice Rod - Retractable Titanium

This is pretty cool.  When I saw it, I was blown away at the neat idea!

We hear it all the time about how somebody’s spring bobber tip got destroyed in the rod bag.   60 more words

Science Discussion: Beavers as a Keystone Species

The official definition of a keystone species is “a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change drastically.” Beavers fit this definition, and the fact that they do is important for wetland conservation efforts. 1,527 more words