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Beavers are builders!

One of our volunteers (you know who you are, Claire :) conceptualized emphasizing beavers as builders. As an educator, Claire pointed out the strength in using this phrase as a way to capture the imagination. 112 more words

Trail Cam Photos

We have had quite a lot of action on our Mowich Camp trail cam these past few months.

My children got this cool little stealth camera for me a couple of Father’s Days ago.   421 more words


Beaver activity at Mary S Young Park

The wonderful accessibility of beaver activity makes this site in Mary S Young Park so fantastic! Anyone can use the paved path to easily experience the rapid changes beavers have made to the ecosystem, and it is all so up close and personal. 119 more words

Habitat development at Willamette Wetlands

Beavers have resided in Willamette Wetlands much longer than Mary S Young Park. They’ve made substantial changes to the area which has increased habitat for birds – including bald eagles, blue herons, and red tail hawks, frogs, salamanders, coyotes, many plant species, and possibly salmon. 36 more words

Geomorphology changes at Robinwood Park

In the picture above you can see the sediment that used to be the stream bottom. Beavers dammed the flow up stream and slowed the outfall thus making a wide and somewhat channelized river much smaller and… 59 more words

"Devastating:" Hundreds of fish dead in Beaver Dam river amid construction project

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BEAVER DAM — Some people in Beaver Dam are upset that hundreds of fish are dead in the Beaver Dam river. 203 more words


Everything Changes

Some things never change. Not true. Everything changes. Some things just change at a glacial pace. No where helps me grasp this more than my frequent stays in  Breckenridge, Colorado—a town and environment I’ve watched change slowly over my entire life. 322 more words