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Tayside Beavers

Eurasian Beavers (Castor fiber) are native to Scotland but were driven extinct around 450 years ago likely due to human pressures such as hunting for fur, meat and castoreum (a scent secretion). 1,014 more words

A new critter ... Meet Chopper

Some of you may know that we have three carved bears and a carved eagle. Recently we picked up our newest addition to the critter family. 166 more words

"We're All Just Here to Fart Around"

Living at the lake and trying to write every day has the combined unintended consequence of making quite a few things seem preposterous.

I mean, really. 326 more words

Cups & "Coins"

So tonight I’m feeling like I don’t want to do the the Victor Coins to Cup in the “new” set. The Chanin Coin Production’s very versatile, I think, so might use it. 395 more words

Close-up Magic

Two Amazing Wildlife Encounters & Rainbows :-)

You never know that you’re going to find when in Yellowstone National Park during the springtime.  Fresh off my dusky grouse encounter from the day before, we had another encounter, which was a first for me … a beaver.   631 more words

Trapper Testimony 3: Post FMJ Dip Impressions, Trap Storage and Goals

The Full Metal Jacket trap dip left a very thin, slightly slick coating on the traps just as described. The painted traps took on a slight texture; I’m thinking the FMJ magnified the irregularities of the paint leaving the textured finish. 443 more words