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Jury Selection To Begin In Beaver Homicide, Rape Trial

BEAVER (KDKA) — Jury selection is set to begin Monday for the trial of a man accused of raping and killing his ex-girlfriend in Beaver County. 110 more words


My Canada, 53/150: Beavering away

Canada’s official national animal is the beaver. People question that choice on a regular basis. C’mon, they moan. A rodent?

On Canada Day 2011, the… 688 more words

150 Images Of Canada

Errandonnee No. 6: Beaver, Balls, and Blossoms

Good thing I saw some blossoms today because a blog title “Beaver and Balls” would have attracted a new readership.

On the way to work, I saw a beaver swimming near the beaver bridge (why do you think I call it that) just north of Slaters Lane on the MVT. 205 more words


Help! There's a pine marten in my attic!

Once upon a time my  granny heard a bit of a rumpus in her attic. We of course dismissed it. Granny was just hearing things. We probably should have known better. 582 more words

Swamp thangs

“A beaver skull. Oh my gosh, it’s a beaver skull!”

I yelled to my husband half-way through our bush-whacking hike through the Jordan lake and panther creek swamp-land behind our house. 968 more words


Beaver reflection

The beavers at Huntley Meadows Park have been remarkably elusive this winter, so I was excited to see this one on Monday as it swam by in the beautiful early morning light. 96 more words


The industrious beaver is not afraid of hard work during the winter

The beaver is North America’s largest rodent, weighing up to 60 pounds and although muskrats are sometimes mistaken for beavers, the latter is easily recognized because of its broad, flat, scaly tail, as opposed to the muskrat’s skinny rat-like tail. 200 more words

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