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Beaver Taking Wood Away

Beaver taking wood away
to build a new house.
Somewhere along the creek bed
where water flows deep.

He took the wood from loose boards… 55 more words


5556 Beaver Pike, Beaver - $559,000

2 bathrooms/7700 square feet

If you’re looking to open a business or establish a retail operation in Beaver, Ohio, you’re looking at the biggest, nicest, and most well-rounded option in town!¬† 183 more words

Corporation Limit

Beaver Fact of the Week: Beaver meat counts as fish?

Technically, beavers are a mammal due to their milk producing abilities, fur/hair, and method of giving birth (live births as opposed to laying eggs). However, that didn’t stop the Roman Catholic Church from declaring beaver a fish during the 17th century. 171 more words


Episode 38: Even more Horrible!

Hagar the Horrible is one of the longest running american cartoons. First started in 1973 by Dik Browne it is still going strong today drawn by his Dik’s son Chris Browne. 12 more words


Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?

This week Sarah’s Beaver makes an unprecedented third consecutive trip to this internationally-famous Seattle landmark, where she discovers the mind-boggling rapidity with which artificially-flavored butadiene-based synthetic rubber chompers are replacing the mid size car amount of the crap they just cleaned off…not only that, but some of the lurid artwork that lurked beneath it’s gooey and disgusting surface! 322 more words


Beaver Fact of the Week: And I Thought I Had Thick Hair...

Beavers were trapped for their fur nearly to extinction. It was horrible and sad, but to be totally honest they do have incredibly thick, luscious fur so I can see why trappers targeted them to make warm winter hats and coats. 85 more words