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Random Start: Biohazard - “Urban Discipline”

One of the many bands I heard of because of Beavis and Butt-head. I’m pretty sure that Biohazard put their own parental advisory sticker on this record and since it wasn’t the industry standard Tipper Gore sticker, my dad actually let me buy it. 42 more words

Random Start

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America and the DO MY WIFE Moment

The One-Line Summary: Beavis and Butt-head, two heavy metal music loving, intellectually underwhelming, socially awkward rocker archetypes who seem oblivious to anything other than sexual innuendo, wake up one morning and discover their television set is missing so set out on a quest to find it, ending up mistakenly being hired as hitmen by a man who wants to murder his wife by telling the boys to go “do” her, which in their one-track minds means have sex, and so set off to “score” but end up being framed for the theft of a biological weapon, releasing the water behind Hoover Dam and shutting the power off to Las Vegas, possibly meeting their natural fathers (who are Mötley Crüe roadies) and eventually becoming honorary ATF agents by President Clinton. 387 more words

Z: The Films

The Best in Televised Animation - Introduction

Probably 90% of the posts here could be separated into two broad categories:  video games and animation. Thus it would come as no surprise to anyone who has spent even a small sum of time browsing this blog that I love animation, especially the classic hand-drawn kind. 1,272 more words


Cartoons as social satire: Beavis and Butt-head and South Park

I did previously mention that the television of today basically sucks and dumbs the nations down. Tons of TV series are produced for the sole purpose of providing lousy entertainment to the masses who for inexplicable reason buy it, no questions asked. 1,009 more words


Making clones in Sony vegas pro 13

If you go on my youtube channel, nitramsk8, the channel is not all about Hotwheels cars anymore. I make videos with clones in them, portals through shirts, and skateboarding videos. 184 more words

Felina's Laugh It Up Tuesday (03/31/15)

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