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I don’t have the ability to ‘sit on things’.  By that I mean, I can’t just say “I want to change my life in this completely left turn of a way and dive into my passion with every fiber of my being!” and then wait.   524 more words


Boot Free Monday

3rd consecutive day without foot pain means – the boot comes off.  I played it safe with Birkentocks today, and tomorrow I may try flats of some kind.   312 more words

Feeling Good

Recipe March Madness : Turkey Chili and Homemade Biscuits

Ingredients (Serving 4)


  • 1/2 pound of Ground Turkey (I used the 93% Fat Free Version)
  • 1 12 ounce can of red kidney beans (rinsed)
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Feeling Good

Last Long Run

It was interesting.  I actually had better splits then I normally do:

4 Miles: 40’49”
6 Miles: 62’17”
8 Miles: 83’25”

My pace was a lot better than it has been by a good 20 – 30 seconds a mile.   156 more words

Feeling Good

Tales from the Scale Friday

WI: -/+ 0 pounds
Total Lost: -1.4 since recommitting

Normally, a second week of maintaining would drive me up a wall, but I started a lifting program this week, and I’m sure because of that I am retaining like whoa. 984 more words


Oh Thursday.

Rounding out the final full week of training leading up to the half marathon.  I must say I am a bit relieved.  I know that if I ever do this again, I will do things a bit differently.   485 more words

Feeling Good

Oh Valencia!

9 days till the event.  My legs shake a bit whenever I think of it.  Then my mind says “It’s not even a full marathon! GET OVER YOURSELF.”  My back screams “You better keep good posture the entire time.   208 more words

Feeling Good