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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi - Remix l Bringing back the cool

This video has zero depth or meaning. I’ve just used clips from shows/commercials that I always found funny and strung them together.

I’m back to editing after a very, very long time. 31 more words


2014 Blog 072: Oilberta Beer It Is

It was a good day.  So Thorr brought me to Brewster for a little night out.  Since I am no longer abstaining from my rum&beer&cocktail drinks,  I went ahead. 141 more words


2014 Blog 066: Chill That Thing

Sometimes, we get home and we opt for left over foods as dinner. One thing I find good as left overs are frrrrried or baked chickens. 99 more words


2014 Blog 065: Creamy Soup For You And Me

I love campbell’s cream of mushroom soup with all my heart. It is my comfort instant soup at the end of a heavy long work day. 197 more words


2014 Blog 064: Beginning of Forty Days

For some, today is the beginning of a Lenten Season.  It is the season to fast and abstain  from material goodies, which can be food, or habits, or activities.    253 more words


2014 Blog 063: Mole here, Mole there

I like driving. wherever. whenever. You can always take me away. I wonder if it has something to do with the mole on my feet. That is what my mom tells me. 113 more words


2014 Blog 062: Lovely Brownie Bites

I was so happy when my daughter brought me some brownie bites after a late movie last night. Last time I was at Cineplex Odeon, the brownie bites was no longer in their menu and I was told they didn’t serve it anymore. 132 more words