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Amy Robin, pictured above

You won’t believe what we have uncovered! This unethical engineering firm called Beca Group in New Zealand is a really bad firm, in our humble opinion. 903 more words

Academy & San Pedro

Today marks the first day of working with real, live students this summer.  No, the school year hasn’t officially started; this was at what we call “Academy.”  Earlier this summer, SJBS (my school) and SMBS (the other nearby school BECA partners with) students both had the chance to attend summer camp run by month-long volunteers.   1,082 more words


Home, Sweet Home!

I’ve officially moved into my more permanent residence for the rest of the year.  I’m in “Flag-partment,” one of the three sets of rooms on the third floor of a building in the center of town.   729 more words


Week 2: A Beautiful Whirlwind

You may remember the rolling green and cloud-shrouded hills from my last entry. Well, this past Saturday, those beauties were no longer just scenery; we hopped in the bed of a truck (well, two trucks, since there were about 20 of us) and… 1,565 more words


Greetings from Cofradía!

Hi everyone! I am writing to you from the comfort of the cutest air conditioned coffee shop in all of Cofradía. That grand title is, of course, only based on my limited time here, which outside of two years ago, has amounted to almost exactly 3 full days (with Monday having been a full day of travel). 1,203 more words


Friends, Family, & (a little bit of) Packing: T-Minus 2 Weeks

As I prepare to begin my 2017-2018 journey with BECA, I have been reconciling my warring feelings: excitement for the possibilities and fear of missing out on everything and everyone back home.   442 more words


Segunda parte: el halo de la Aurora o los inicios de una amistad

En clase, Teresa les ha planteado la playa como lugar de encuentro simbólico entre vigilia y sueño, tierra y mar. Y Elaine vive en el castillo del príncipe al borde del océano infinito. 266 more words