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Because We Can - Bon Jovi

Haven’t recorded a video for a while. Here is my guitar cover of “Because We Can”┬áby Bon Jovi.┬áThis song is from Bon Jovi’s 2013 “What About Now” album. 125 more words


Life Recap into a Night of Yugioh into a Day of Wixoss

So despite not posting at all things still happened in the time since I opened that Weiss box.

I found this Wixoss Lot on Ebay and bought it for $40. 901 more words

Magic The Gathering

Top 5 Random Yugioh Crossover ideas the World isn't ready For (Also not being dead)

It’s somewhat ironic that the week I’ve been too busy to post is also my school’s finals week. Anyway, here are some name puns I thought might make someone somewhere chuckle guiltily. 59 more words


"Because We Can!" - Scientists Are Crazy

Scientists bother me, sometimes. Not because I have issues with concepts relating to learning or explanation, or because I live in terror of the day they figure out how to implement worldwide chip implants so we all serve the Number of the Beast or because I suspect that we’re all going to be overrun by hideous mutations unleashed from their underground bunkers or because their genetically engineered super viruses will destroy us all. 599 more words

Living Conditions

Because We Can: Hot Holiday Dresses

I am not in my early twenties anymore. Neither is Em (she’s actually two weeks older than me). So whenever I see segments on television talk shows on holiday dresses or what to wear for the seasonal parties, I totally blank out because I really have no desire to have my boobs hanging out of the top of a strapless dress (quite a feat, considering I’ve had two kids, but still possible, thanks to Wonderbra) or be tugging on the bottom hem constantly because the dress is too short and I’m scared to show some cheek. 441 more words


Three Reasons That We Eat When We're Not Hungry (2010)

1. To fight boredom.
2. To keep the hunger away.
3. Because we can.
Not to be rude-
But our entire social lives are centered around food.


EVENT: "The Doctor's Orders presents THE QUEENS OF HIP HOP" 02/08

On Saturday August 2nd, The Doctors Orders is hosting The Queens Of Hip Hop at The Book Club (Old St, London). A night which pays tribute to the glory of females who’ve made a strong mark in the hip hop industry. 105 more words