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Sunday Tree - 184

…..the streets are lined with these beautiful blossoming trees

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Sunday Trees - 183

….thanks Becca for hosting Sunday Trees

The trees are finally in bloom and greening quickly


Sunday Trees - 182

…..thanks to Becca Givens for hosting this challenge

A beautiful old Gingko tree in front of my daughter’s home. Notice the new green leaves. Things are changing quickly in this neck of the woods.


Sunday Trees - 181

….pretty soon I’ll be able to post trees with green foliage

……for now I’ll have to be satisfied with interesting trunks and bark

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Sunday Trees - 179

…..thanks to https://beccagivens.wordpress.com for her weekly challenge

Same tree at three different angles


Sunday Trees - 178

…..after yesterday’s walk I had to go back out today to photograph this tree

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