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Sunday Trees - 245

….Italy had trees that I had never seen before

We called these trees camouflage trees because of the bark. The leaves actually looked liked the leaves of a maple tree. 30 more words


Sunday Trees - 244

….I’m back with some interesting trees from Italy

Every week Becca Givens hosts Sunday Trees. Do you like trees as much as we do? Why not post your favourite trees every Sunday (or sometime during the week) and join the fun.


Sunday Trees - 240

….a little late 

Taken a few weeks ago when the leaves were first coming in. For more Sunday Trees check out Becca Givens’ blog.


Sunday Trees - 238

….thanks to Becca Givens for hosting Sunday Trees

Flowering Crepe Myrtle Tree


Sunday Trees - 237

….thanks Becca for hosting Sunday Trees

The view from my back window. This old pine reaches high for the sky and is situated directly behind our garage at the back of our lot.