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Swing From Ceiling Beams

Swinging from the ceiling beams with a wicked grin and marvellous malevolent thoughts. Wonder what will transpire when we expire and eternity opens out before us like a dark shawl, a cape hung from the shoulders of the grimmest foreboding made man. 254 more words


Dwile Flonking, Suffolk

This is an event which became a recognised sport in the 1960s. This is from Curious Country Customs by Jeremy Hobson:

“Originally played outside the Farmers’ Boy pub at Kensworth on 22 January, Dwile Flonking is now also played in .. 182 more words



Let’s leave the city
Leave it wanting more
An ovation innovation
For once not honouring the encore
Run flat out on our flat feet
To a place where we can find… 195 more words



Fill the grenade with grenadine
We’ll reutilise the war effort
Repair, recycle and reuse
In such imaginative ways
Yet if all our swords are ploughshares… 261 more words


A License to Scoot.

Eeeee-ya! Mobility granny scooters are out to claim blood from the streets!

Well actually no. More like picking up drug factory from the local pharmacy. 241 more words


Draft programme 2016-7

26 MARCH: Stowmarket Church and Gipping Chapel visit.

21 MAY: Framlingham Castle and Church visit.

July: Otley Hall visit (or Beccles and Wingfield)

10/17/24 SEPTEMBER: Colchester Castle visit… 9 more words