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Pork Cannelloni with Spicy Tomato, Red Pepper and Chorizo sauce

In this time of year, when most of my family and friends are getting ready for the chill of ‘sweater weather’ in the Northern Hemisphere, I find myself increasing more and more confined indoors thanks to the Malaysian rainy season. 782 more words



This Italian dish is usually a foolproof way to keep everyone happy: from children to adults, continent to continent, carnivore to a vegetarian, everyone usually loves their version of this food. 549 more words


How to make the perfect white sauce

‘Oh, the dreaded white sauce!’

White sauce or bechamel sauce, one of the five mother sauces in French cuisine, is one of my absolute favourites! White sauce is so versatile and can be used in so many recipes, pastas, pizzas, au gratin, moussaka…oh you name it! 530 more words


Leek, Bacon & Chanterelles Lasagna

Hello everybody!

It is so cold outside lately! Toronto has gotten colder and colder and I need to warm up! If you’re in the same situation as me then you will love this warm and comforting lasagna recipe! 514 more words

Béchamel Sauce Lasagna

I needed a new way to make lasagna (I personally hate Ricotta Cheese and wanted to enjoy the meal), so I decided to try a thicker béchamel sauce in replacement.  365 more words



There are more recipes from Sardinia to follow, but for now let’s go to Emilia-Romagna for some classic meat-filled cannelloni. Cannelloni can be made using fresh pasta or store-bought pasta, and they can be filled with either spinach and ricotta or with meat. 636 more words


Corn Crêpe Cake with Mushroom Bechamel Creme

Inspired by worldwide traditions to celebrate a harvest

Sometimes in the 12th century struggling peasants of Brittany, France, were flabbergasted by a quickly adapting new plant ‘buckwheat’ in their harsh rocky landscape. 612 more words