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Cannelloni is one of my favourite types of pasta.  And not just because the tubes look great in a jar.  Very much like lasagne, it give you the taste and texture of pasta, but with much more equanimity of flavour.   287 more words

Ricotta + Roasted Chicken filled Manicotti w. Béchamel Sauce + Cheese

Hey! This week we’re taking a bit of a turn from my normal sweet posts! I’ve decided every once in a while to add a savory post, which will sometimes be a guest post or a post from me but it’s something I want to expand on while still mainly focusing on sweets. 1,342 more words

How To

Béchamel (or White) Sauce

Basic Ingredients

- Butter. Flour. Milk. Salt & Pepper -

So many dishes – both savoury and sweet – call for a white sauce. Mixing the flour with melting butter (the roux) can seem tricky at first but once you get the hang of it is fairly straight forward. 335 more words

Cooking Basics

Lasagna for beginners

Last night I attempted my first ever homemade Lasagna. I got the cook books out for inspiration and armed with, Bechamel and Bolognese sauce making instructions from La Roux Gastronomique, I set to work for the afternoon to master a new recipe. 687 more words


No-Boil Mac and Cheese from Bon Appetit Magazine

Friends in Ireland make lasagna all the time without boiling the noodles.  They add Bechamel sauce to the other ingredients, and it makes the noddles turn out just fine.  259 more words


Gnocchi with a Monster Spinach and Garlic Sauce

I am super excited to share this delicious supper with you because it is so terribly easy, it is packed with good stuff and the kids LOVED it! 358 more words

Home Cooking

The Best Mushroom Omelette w/ Bechamel Sauce

I’ve never understood the egg white omelette. Discarding the yolk is like going to a concert with earplugs on. “Oh yeah, that band was sooooo rad, I really enjoyed their muffled sound, toootally revolutionary, they are gonna change the music industry bro.” 482 more words