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Creamy Endives au Gratin

Called chicon in Belgium and in the North of France, and more widely known as chicory in English, this vegetable is as tasty cooked as it is used in salads or even as a wrap to be served as nibbles.  283 more words


fall pastitio.

this just in.

it’s official.

you heard it here first.

i’ve officially turned into my mother.

they all said it would happen, and i’ve even seen evidence of the phenomenon in other women.   1,366 more words

Potatoes au Gratin w/ Béchamel Sauce ||EN|POR||

Vodka production involves the use of a key ingredient, starch or sugar rich plant. Did you know that traditionally it was made with potatoes? The world’s most famous tuber is a multi-use one. 1,551 more words


Three Cheese Mac & Cheese

In less than 30 minutes you can have this childhood classic on your table. This basic recipe for mac & cheese will satisfy the kids and adults alike. 264 more words

Bechamel Sauce for your Lasagna

The Bechamel sauce is widely used by the housewives and chefs around the world. Creamy and soft, snowy white sauce easily complements any dish you cook. 241 more words

Cannelloni: A step by step guide

My sister and I have always wanted to cook ‘cannelloni’ but with some ingredients made from scratch, like the tomato sauce and the ‘besciamella’ sauce. Its easier to just use store-bought tomato and bechamel sauce but we wanted to ‘ 531 more words

Taste of Home: Baked chicken and potatoes with white béchamel sauce

In my country, The Philippines, Christmas season begins today (1st September). So to start the joyous celebration, I made a simple Turkish chicken dish – baked chicken and potatoes with white béchamel sauce. 313 more words