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1715 Phlogiston Theory

  • Becher believed in Paracelsus’s three principles, which categorized earth under Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. He believed that the fatty earth present in sulfur is the element that makes is flammable…
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In one section of my portfolio I am using a topographic format to display my abstract interpretations of the sea.

Typology is the systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common. 548 more words

Photographer Studies

Becher Water Towers

Although the context of Bernd and Hilla Becher ‘Water Towers’ is in no way similar to my assignment, the visuals of the body of work is. 168 more words


The Holy Family by Fr. Joel

The teaching of the Bible is that the family, as an institution, came from GOD; God created the family, he invented it, not man, not culture, not society, and certainly not any government. 999 more words