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Close the F*cking Door

The trigger: the flood of memes bombarding my screen for the past 2 days reading “Hold the Door” is beyond absurd.

I remember how a few years ago the TV series Lost had me idiotized in front of the TV for hours (I started watching it when season 3 or 4 was airing, so I bought the first seasons and marathoned through them). 987 more words


True Believers

The following I’ve already posted here but I’m posting it again because I have just completed a fictional account of a few days in the lives of oblate priests in what is now Manitoba and Saskatchewan in 1851. 834 more words


"The More of Less" Arrived Today

More than 5000 of us have gathered to participate in a 12-week adventure of decluttering our lives. The Facebook group has been active for the past month, although the course does not start for another week. 212 more words

Week 4: Discussion Leader

The eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg represent a major symbol throughout the story? Consider the symbol and their its on the characters.

  • The eyes on the billboard in the land of the ashes are a huge symbol throughout the entire story as they represent the eyes of god watching over all of the characters as they commit their sins.
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Love for all, Earth Sunday

The scripture lessons for our Earth Sunday message were: Acts 11:1-18, Revelation 21:1-6 and John 13:31-35. The title is above.

We started the message today with pictures of nature, sunrises, sunsets, animals, flowers garden produce, and it was all in an effort to make us think about the earth that we live on, the world we are a part of. 2,149 more words

Layperson Sermons

Health effects of WiFi

I’ve been wondering recently if there are any health effects of WiFi.  WiFi is one of a class of devices that emit low level electromagnetic energy (RF/EMFs). 409 more words