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Matt Zemek

When watching American-style football, I hear this expression all the time: “throwing open.”

The specific use of the term: A quarterback — the person in American football whose main job is to throw the ball down the field  — “throws open” his receiver, the person tasked with catching his passes. 679 more words


Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton is one of the guitarists of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and lead guitarist of Ghost Light, and is well revered among the community as one of the greats. 2,524 more words


The Texas Hill Country Revisited

True to Texan tradition, the Texas Hill Country AVA (American Viticulture Area) is the second largest certified Viticultural Area in America.  It has been named one of the top 10 wine destinations by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and is replete with beautiful limestone hills, pristine creeks and hillside vineyards. 663 more words


Interactionist perspective of crime - revision notes with evaluative points

What are the basics of interactionism? (comes from symbolic interactionism)

Blumer (1969) was a symbolic interactionist and had three basic views:

  • Meanings come from the social interactions between people…
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Dagmar Danko's Review of H.S. Becker's 'Evidence' #sssi #sociology

In recent years there has been plenty of debate about evidence in ethnographic and cognate research. Howard S. Becker has taken up this topic in his latest book that Dagmar Danko reviewed for Symbolic Interaction.  23 more words

Book Review