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My top ten religious movies for Lent

By Tom Quiner

I love movies that depict the power of faith.

There is no one magic formula for a successful religious movie. Sometimes, it is an historical epic. 1,349 more words


Steampunk Month on A Bibliophile's Reverie-Celebrating the Most Zany Artistic Aesthetic Around!

Beginning late next week on Saturday (March 7th),we encourage you all, everyone of you overzealous fans of the Steampunk genre, to kick off Steampunk month- the whole entire month of March,2015- to celebrate the most stellar selection of Steampunk-oriented novels out there. 115 more words

Review of Death Runs in the Family by: Greg Wilkey & Tea Feature

Amazon/Barnes & Nobles/Greg Wilkey’s Author Facebook Page/Goodreads

On Anne Rice’s Facebook page,  Greg Wilkey is a very frequent contributor to the ongoing discussions that take place there, and he actively shares details about two of his supernatural-themed series. 1,134 more words

The Martyrdom of St.Thomas Becket

Forget Hell hearth no fury like a woman scorned, instead think Hell hearth no fury like a medieval king scorned when you think of the death of Thomas A Becket. 1,077 more words


Pi Poems - For the one who needs them

Becket is the personal assistant of best-selling author Anne Rice.
The ninety-four works in this book of Pi Poems constitute a gamut of human experience funneled into a single discipline… 104 more words


Simon Beckett „Mirusiųjų šnabždesiai"

Tai trečioji serijos apie Deividą Hanterį knyga. Taip jau susiklostė, kad pirmųjų knygų („Mirties Chemija” ir „Įrašyta kauluose“) neskaičiau, nes šią knygą (trečiąją dalį) gavau dovanų iš artimos draugės, kuri puikiai žino kaip aš mėgstu detektyvus, bet nežinojo, kad pirmų šio autoriaus knygų dar nebuvau skaičiusi.   448 more words


Excerpts from Becket, by Jean Anouilh

I actually read this play a long time ago, but I often (not always) write down my favourite quotes from the books that I read and I just happened to stumble on my quotes from this play the other day. 121 more words

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