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Future For Ocean Warriors?

I started this project because I felt it was one that could continue to grow even after college was finished but there have been times I have wondered whether it really will continue. 111 more words

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Report Writing

As part of the Final Year Project, we have to write an academic report of a minimum of 5,000 words. It took me two days to write and is 41 pages long and 6,862 words long. More importantly, it done!

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Banner Plugins

After the mid-semester presentations, it was time to get cracking on updating the website to be more dynamic and to display all that’s happening for Ocean Warriors. 74 more words

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Featured on Swellseekers.ie

So Ocean Warriors got some new coverage today thanks to Liam Sinnott of swellseekers.ie who allowed me to do a featured article for their website! Really delighted! 10 more words

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Daydreaming Believer - Procrastination Master

So, I recently read this article called Daydream believer in The Sunday Times Style magazine. Basically it’s talks about the good side of procrastination, how people use it in a way that means they end up producing better work and benefit from it. 553 more words

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Wordpress Install

I decided to get WordPress installed early on in the week in case there were any issues. I got the webspace from Blacknight. They have a web app vault which makes it a bit easier to install WordPress through the control panel once you have an idea of how it works. 105 more words

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