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how we got here

A whole person was built

strung together with voices

of the past, present, and future

torn apart with words

and buttoned up

with quiet smiles

An Odd Sort Of Poetry

What Happened?

“I am not what has happened to me.  I am what I choose to become.” -Carl Jung

Thought For The Day

As Searchings Go

The searching’s slow,
As searchings go.
Moonrise does naught to slow
The ebb and flow
When one fails to find
What the shore has left behind. 55 more words


What if I took the easy path?

I’m not a fan of the hypothetical questions cause it’s just a waste of time, especially if you’re already decided to do or already done the opposite but I’ll make an exemption this time. 769 more words


Meditation on Changing Our Minds By Developing Groovier Thinking Patterns

I used to struggle A LOT with being defensive.  I would refute or argue most feedback or critiques from people close to me.  Likewise, if someone didn’t agree with my take on things in beliefs, politics, sports, etc., instead of listening to their view and maybe letting my mind be changed, I’d double down on my perspective.   323 more words

Become: First Medical Event Dedicated To Black Prospective Students

UCL black medical students will held one day event,Target Medecine: Become dedicated  to African-Carribean descendants and mixed black background prospective students currently in year 9 and 10. 121 more words