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Become what you feel when it’s right and good; so they say…

What do you do when it’s something bad?

Sometimes we want to be what we don’t feel, 61 more words


When You Actually Become An Adult

Scientists have determined you’re not actually an adult until…

Even though you legally became an adult at 18, you weren’t REALLY one, right? A new study found that our brains don’t actually get all the way out of adolescence and into adulthood until we’re 24, so that’s really when you become an adult.

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become before

faces as its own choice

and held

as the level

and strong

as its own strength

and comeback

as its own shine

as its own pure… 49 more words


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We should never stop evolving our abilities

Rewards, acknowledgements, completed goals

Relish in the moment but do not become complacent

Meet a goal but do not stop the pursuit of evolution… 107 more words

Not Quite Healed

“Girl, well how long has it been?”

Don’t you just love that question? It’s probably my absolute favorite. (I hope you are picking up on the serious sarcasm I am laying down here, by the way.) This is a question that haunts the parts of me that did not catch the memo that…

702 more words

The Hidden Roots of Changed Careers. Part II : What qualities do we need to have for a successful career change?

In the Part I, we discussed attachment styles that affect a career building strategy. In this part, we will have a look at two other factors that influence our professional development –  locus of control and  intelligence. 629 more words