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Hadith 16: Do Not Become Angry

Hadith 16: Do Not Become Angry

On the authority of Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him): A man came to the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) and said, “Advise me.” He said, “Do not become angry.” The man repeated several times and he said, “Do not become angry.” 644 more words


7 Ways to be more Valuable!

1. Be reliable!

Do what you say you will, especially if it is to other people, if you say you will be there at x time, then be there! 581 more words

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Get Your Own Know-How

There are many books to help you become a better leader, parent, businessman/woman, author, artist, salesperson, so on and so forth.  They will tell you about other peoples experience and how they changed by life’s challenges.   218 more words


How to grow stronger emotionally

On this talk show:  How to become stronger emotionally…plus, how to tolerate another person’s annoying reminders…plus, what to do when you and your spouse are poles apart politically… 27 more words


4 Steps to reaching Success whenever you want!

Success is not about luck, nor is it a game of chance; and success does not mean making millions and millions of dollars, success is whatever we make it first! 612 more words

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