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On The Road Again...

I spent the past two years of my life, after my divorce, trying to stabilize, and a build a life for my kids. They’ve healed, had fun, made friends, and memories, established a base, faced conflict, grown, and nested. 214 more words

How to become more content

On this talk show:  How to become content in life even when you face challenges


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4 Tips That Will Help You Become Your True Self

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 Do you know who you are?

There is someone out there right now who is feeling less than themselves.  There are a number of people out there who are just existing and getting by.   365 more words


Password Vault - Do not let your administrative passwords become Pulcinella's Secrets?

by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
If you wonder what the phrase ‘Pulcinella’s Secret’ means, let me start with explaining that:
Pulcinella is a popular comic character in Commedia dell’Arte, a form of theatre that began in Italy in the mid-16th century. The very character of Pulci…

How to help your kids become resilient

On this talk show:  How parents can teach their children to bounce back from challenges and become resilient


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How you can "front-slide" with Jesus!

On this talk show:  How to become the man that God intended you to be and how to start “front-sliding” with Jesus!


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Potential to miss out on potential. 

The most tragic thing in the world aside from death is knowing how much potential yo have but never living up to it.

Don’t become that person.