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So the challenge today is to post something in a format we haven’t used before. Since I haven’t done a quotation yet, I figured I’d give the Blockquote Format a try.

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My Very Own Personal Blond Moment...

So remember when I posted a moment ago about my own prompt? Apparently that wasn’t the challenge. There’s already a prompt written and we had to answer that (I know, I know, but what can I say? 493 more words



Hey Guys! I haven’t written much recently (sorry about that) but the weeks before Fall Break have been busy. For today’s challenge, we have to write a prompt but I like both of the ones I came up with so here are two: 124 more words


Cool Blog Articles

Hey! So you probably haven’t seen much of my writing for Blogging101 this week but that’s because our challenges haven’t necessarily required a blog. Monday’s challenge was to updated our Above Me page and to add a widget about it (which you’ll see on your left) and Tuesday’s challenge was to update our header and background if we weren’t happy with ours (which I am. 111 more words


New Look!

As most of you can probably tell (if you’ve been on my site before), it’s undergone a transformation! This was the challenge I was waiting for: changing our look. 156 more words


Dear Dream Reader...

Ok, today’s challenge is hard. I’m supposed to write a random post directed to my “dream reader” and add a new element to my blog (Have I mentioned I’m not too big a fan of change? 983 more words


Touring the Neighborhood

Even in the two days since I’ve joined Blogging101, I’ve been exposed to (and starting following) a lot of pretty amazing blogs. So when I read today’s challenge, I decided to make my own personal twist on it. 269 more words