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Yes it was a drama as far as I remember my baby was due on 17th oct 2015 as per the scan but as per LMP it was due on 10th Oct.But I was mentally prepared to welcome the baby once my 37th week was over.Every day it was like may be tomorrow, the wait was endless and I was desperate.After 10th the doctor decided to induce on 14th night and the baby was supposed to come on 15th.Man proposes God disposes my pain started early in the morning on 14th itself.When the pain started I thought I am just being nervous but slowly the intensity increased.The pain initially would come for 5 mins and then reoccur after an hour.I knew labor pain starts like that but for some reason,I thought  may be I am just being nervous.Then when the pain started reoccurring in every half an hour we decided to call the doctor and went to the hospital.I was straight away admitted to the labor room. 519 more words


The Big Move (Again)

And … we’re moving. Again. It is a big move. I am freaking out because it isn’t just me and hubby now. It will be me + hubby + threenager + active baby … 548 more words

Becoming A Mother

The Threenager

My daughter has been very amusing lately. The things she says are out of bounds. It makes me realize how quickly and easily children learn from what they observe everyday, be it on a screen or not. 597 more words

Becoming A Mother

A Woman's Worth

This year, a couple major life changes have happened: I started my own business and I got pregnant.

The welcoming of a child into our family is becoming more and more real. 791 more words

You are NOT crazy! It's OK to Nest!

I woke from a dream in January 2013 with tears streaming down my cheeks and i realised, that i was rubbing my belly. I felt empty like something had been stolen from me – something irreplaceable. 1,628 more words

The Day I Became a Mom

“What should I blog about today, boys?”

“Write about when I was born!”, said my oldest.


On the morning of my due date, I awoke with contractions.   1,360 more words


When You Want Control

Being in control is  everyone’s desire. We tend to believe our suggestions, our methods and experience are better than others. We impose our ideas, either manipulatively or directly onto others. 966 more words

Becoming A Mother