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This is more important

There are 10 million things I should be doing today¬†but instead I’m spending the day sitting in this chair with our sick cat in my lap. 340 more words

The Nature of Praying

I won’t pray. I will hope.

These are words I recently heard, and it made me wonder how a person who was raised in a religious family give up believing at a later point in life.

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Becoming A Mother

Being Enough; Becoming a Mother

Day to day life and interactions can be difficult enough when you’re just married or even single. Life is full of demands. There’s school, work, cleaning, self-care, familial obligations, student loans, volunteering, pets, friends, etc. ¬† 530 more words

Life Lately

Sleeping with my Baby

Recently, I met up with an old friend from Australia. She has a son who is a year older than Emma. We were catching up on life as a parent, talking about everything from the way we feed our child to how we put them to sleep. 792 more words

Becoming A Mother

How Are You?

And my 28-month-old daughter answers, “I’m 2 years old!”

She adoravly confuses it with the question, “How old are you?”

Gosh. I’m going to miss this period of her growing up so much :)

Becoming A Mother

Hell has Ears

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I were sitting on my bed, talking, and somehow, we headed down memory lane about my childhood, and I told him about my decision to become a mother. 301 more words



This past week was a little stressful. The haze which has blanketed Malaysian skies is not doing anyone any good. Emma wakes up with a runny and congested nose every morning now. 451 more words

Becoming A Mother