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You are NOT crazy! It's OK to Nest!

I woke from a dream in January 2013 with tears streaming down my cheeks and i realised, that i was rubbing my belly. I felt empty like something had been stolen from me – something irreplaceable. 1,628 more words

The Day I Became a Mom

“What should I blog about today, boys?”

“Write about when I was born!”, said my oldest.


On the morning of my due date, I awoke with contractions.   1,360 more words


When You Want Control

Being in control is  everyone’s desire. We tend to believe our suggestions, our methods and experience are better than others. We impose our ideas, either manipulatively or directly onto others. 966 more words

Becoming A Mother

Labor: 15 Truths

WARNING:  This is a long as post :)

First:  I have to start with I went into early labor at 34 weeks after I tripped over the lawn mower in our garage.   1,613 more words

The Line: A Change of Plans

“Make sure you keep your birth plan flexible.” I can’t tell you how many times I read/heard this throughout my pregnancy. But as someone who was set on having a natural, drug free birthing experience, I was not prepared for just how flexible I would need to be. 2,678 more words


Queen of the House

I guess people weren’t kidding when they say it’s not over yet after the Terrible Twos phase. My daughter has figured out that if we can exert control over her requests and way of doing things, she can respond similarly when we ask her too ourselves. 550 more words

Becoming A Mother

Happy 3rd Birthday, My Little Girl

Time really flies when you watch your children grow. Every day of my life is now spent caribg for my little ones. Exhausting yet rewarding. One day, I will no longer wipe down the chocolate stains on her mouth, or clip her hair while she is wriggling about her toys. 398 more words

Becoming A Mother