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Queen of the House

I guess people weren’t kidding when they say it’s not over yet after the Terrible Twos phase. My daughter has figured out that if we can exert control over her requests and way of doing things, she can respond similarly when we ask her too ourselves. 550 more words

Becoming A Mother

Happy 3rd Birthday, My Little Girl

Time really flies when you watch your children grow. Every day of my life is now spent caribg for my little ones. Exhausting yet rewarding. One day, I will no longer wipe down the chocolate stains on her mouth, or clip her hair while she is wriggling about her toys. 398 more words

Becoming A Mother

3 Months

Yay for breastfeeding! I made it to the 3-month mark! It definitely was not easy. I am very thankful for having my hubby’s support. Now supply is established, baby is growing (fatter), and I’m getting more sleep. 475 more words

Becoming A Mother

THURSDAY july 14

Letting Everett “cry it out” has been the best parenting decision I’ve made so far. In my attempts to get him to nap, I put aluminum foil on the nursery window (for blackout purposes), bought an awesome swaddle transition blanket for him and got a yoga ball to bounce him to sleep. 873 more words


The Birth of Lucas

I had been feeling contraction pains since 3 weeks before my estimated due date. They were irregular but got more frequent as the days went by. 1,536 more words

Becoming A Mother

"Being A Mother, to Me (in a nutshell)"

A throwback to the very early day I started my handmade business (ColorPopCraft) from my interest in scrapbooking, and pictured above was one of those very first layouts I created, which ignited a beautiful memory of me and my daughter 👧🏻❤️👩🏻 … 218 more words


Miscarriage aftercare or lack of...Part 2

I managed the second day ok-ish. Co-codomol has helped and I’ve managed some sleep.

The third day, which just happens to be Easter Sunday the pain is really bad. 490 more words