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The Little Drama Queen

I can’t tell if it’s because my body is weaker because I’m getting older, or it’s because my energy is mostly drained from being with a rambunctious 2-year-old day 24-7. 372 more words

Becoming A Mother

The Day My Heart Was Stolen

It was five o’clock in the morning when I felt an excruciating pain I had never felt before. I had just turned 18 and many would say that I was entirely too young to be having a baby.   791 more words

Birth Story

Can I give you a piece of unsolicited advise about motherhood?

That’s it! I’ve become one of these women who provide unsolicited advise… I was in the ladies room, and two employees from the firm I provide services to are having a bit of a rant about their daily work. 915 more words


Rewrite: I become a three six-year-old mom today

Six years ago today, this happened:

The celebration of this day feels more significant than any other in my life. It lurched me awake at 5am this morning with memories of that exact time on this day in retrospect. 397 more words

Becoming A Mother

Why I love my post pregnancy body

With summer and bikini season seemingly over I can’t help but think what a difference a year has made. Last summer I felt way too self conscious of my post pregnancy body to even contemplate wearing a bikini. 534 more words

Acting Mum

How to Survive: The Story of When I Became a Mother

I started a blog when I was pregnant with my first baby, a girl we finally decided to call Isabella. I thought the blog would be a little project for my maternity months, something to keep my fingers typing and brain at least partially whirring. 815 more words

You're Glowing

Cooking Mama

I have been guilty of coming up with excuses for not having time to go in the kitchen and cook. I used to love cooking. I would find recipes and try them out. 337 more words

Becoming A Mother