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Scripting my kids to emotional intelligence

I learned it from Kidpower, this kick ass group that taught our preschool about safety and strangers. (The reason Kidpower kicks ass is because they teach a whole boat-load of potentially freaky stuff in the spirit of personal power and curiosity, not fear.) 646 more words

Becoming A Mother

Mother Blessing

Today I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend. She is a scientist.  So we made her a science themed mother blessing. It was my idea to put the element Carbon on the cake. 253 more words

This Is What I Think Being A Mother Feels Like

I’m not a mom.

And because I’m not a mom, I know that I’ll have other moms tell me that I have no right to talk about “mom things” until I’ve experienced eighteen excruciating hours of labor with no epidural, have a stomach that was once tight become riddled with stretch marks and have watched my ass inflate three times the size. 762 more words

Coming to terms with preschool graduation

Until just now, I found the thought of pre-school graduation mildly sickening. Something for wealthy kids in uniforms, for overly sentimental, clingy parents who iron their pants. 433 more words

Becoming A Mother

Love + Fear: When I Became a Mother

Preface:  This small story is my attempt to convey, in words, the emotions that occur in those first days after having a baby. Yet there are no words that exist to fully elucidate what those feelings are truly like… 

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My First Mother's Day

My very first Mother’s Day! I mean, I’ve been celebrating every year of my life as the person drawing bad pictures and giving lame gifts but its finally my turn. 363 more words