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The housewife doldrums

It’s a fuzzy pressure behind my eyes when Cal, Jo and I pad downstairs in the morning. It’s a weight pulling my shoulders forward and down after I sing “Happy Birthday pancake” (long story) and close Cal’s door for naptime. 299 more words

Becoming A Mother

Scripting my kids to emotional intelligence

I learned it from Kidpower, this kick ass group that taught our preschool about safety and strangers. (The reason Kidpower kicks ass is because they teach a whole boat-load of potentially freaky stuff in the spirit of personal power and curiosity, not fear.) 646 more words

Becoming A Mother

Mother Blessing

Today I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend. She is a scientist.  So we made her a science themed mother blessing. It was my idea to put the element Carbon on the cake. 253 more words

This Is What I Think Being A Mother Feels Like

I’m not a mom.

And because I’m not a mom, I know that I’ll have other moms tell me that I have no right to talk about “mom things” until I’ve experienced eighteen excruciating hours of labor with no epidural, have a stomach that was once tight become riddled with stretch marks and have watched my ass inflate three times the size. 762 more words