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What They Will Never Know

Emma was down with a real bad viral infection this past week. First it was the horrible greenish phlegm, then fever with runny nose, and a fever that wouldn’t subside. 603 more words

Becoming A Mother


We were driving home from the mall and I noticed Emma looking rather gloomy. So I asked her what’s wrong. She didn’t want to say. After a few proddings, I finally asked her if she missed going to playschool. 145 more words

Becoming A Mother

When You Have to Let Go

It is Emma’s second week at playschool. We decided to only bring her there three times a week as a full week might be too tiring and stressful for her. 743 more words

Becoming A Mother

a very different new year

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 has been treating you kindly so far.

In the two months since I last blogged I’ve wrapped up my office job as well as my… 735 more words

Everyday Life

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

A very Happy New Year to all! First off, I want to thank you all for following my humble blog. I never thought myself as a good writer. 962 more words

Becoming A Mother

Protect Me

Tonight, was an overwhelming night. A night where I truly realized I could not protect my daughter forever. As much as I was furious for how some people have no respect for young children, I cannot imagine worse things that could happen if I wasn’y beside my daughter when this happened. 672 more words

Becoming A Mother

Bake to Share

Baking used to be a tad boring for me, because I wouldn’t have anyone to share the scrumptious sweetness with (except for my hubby). I started baking when I moved to Houston. 269 more words

Becoming A Mother