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6 Years Ago....

This time 6 years ago I gave birth to our first child.

It was a scary time but something I like to look back on this time every year. 675 more words

My First Letter to my Unborn Daughter| The Lovist

“Everyone is either getting married or having kids, while I’m planning my next travel adventure”… I used to be that person. And yet I sit today on Mother’s Day (SA) knowing that there’s a time and place for everything. 1,171 more words


If I want to be a mother, I need to be my own first.

     I want to be a mom, but I am not good at boundaries.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I push the limits one thing at a time, if it’s not getting way too close to a Sea Lion in San Francisco with my younger sister telling me I have to stop, then it’s me secretly binge drinking at my Aunt’s wedding when I was under 21 and vomiting all over the stairs of my mom’s front porch.   1,426 more words


Mama Magic

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that every challenge prepares us for the next. I’ve been so sick this week & anytime I start feeling bad, I remind myself that this is all in preparation. 477 more words

Becoming A Mother

Seeing the Plank (or, "How I Realized I'm a Judgmental B****")

Sometime over the course of this pregnancy, I grew a plank in my eye.

I know it happens to everyone–I mean, that ish is contagious–but I spent a little time this morning meditating and doing yoga and I realized that there it was, front and center, its splintery rough edges propping me up like a leg stand in my crow pose. 695 more words

Becoming A Mother

Becoming a mother made me a better person

I’ve never thought of myself as a selfish person but becoming a mother has definitely taught me the meaning of selflessness.

Becoming a mother has turned me into a multitasking queen! 176 more words

Mum Blog


The world is wrapped in night and quiet. I hear only the sound of the fan whirring outside my son’s room and the occasional car driving by. 491 more words