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How becoming a mother affects your relationship

Turning into a mother is one of life’s enormous occasions. The progress to parenthood isn’t simple and nothing can completely set you up for the progressions that will happen to your body as well as to your feeling of being and your relationship. 364 more words



it was a give and take push and pull
the way you were brought into this world
not a sort of evacuation but a slow negotiation… 142 more words


Loving Layla Grace

First time her name crossed my lips, a Pacific breeze followed me up the hill that leads away from the ocean in Redondo Beach, California. As I climbed, the night sky hovered above me like an upside-down bowl, a hint of powdered sugar dusting its bottom. 973 more words

The Mother of all Mothers. 399

I have been facing some quite intense experiences in relation to my role as a mother in the recent weeks, and I have slowly but surely started to wrap my head around what has actually been going on within me, and why it has become so intense. 843 more words

Vixen's Journey To Life

My Dreams, Finally Came True

On childbirth, no epidurals this time, I want to experience the pains fully, just this once! Translated…

The hardships and trials of my childrearing days are still, visibly clear, even after the passing of time, and yet, the pains of labor, I couldn’t, recall for some reasons, or perhaps, it’d God’s way, of making women forget, so humans don’t become extinct. 694 more words

Experiences Of Life


Sometimes being a mom is tough. Sometimes it feels like claustrophobia, like the desperate urge to be left alone. Sometimes it feels like anxiousness, like going into the night already exhausted and not knowing when, or if, there will be any relief. 138 more words

Becoming A Mother

I didn't know it would be like this.

I didn’t know I would fall in love so deeply; I didn’t know how it felt to love. I never in a million years saw myself becoming a mother or a stay at home mother. 589 more words

2017 Mom Vibes