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The real outlaw among us...

Of all the pictures that could possibly taken of dude all dandied up for a wedding (a wedding he actually needed to stand up for at the church, no less), I suppose it’s only fitting that the only shots of him from said event involved some sort of mayhem… 1,026 more words

Writing Up A Storm

This morning summer slipped away with the sun, and winter has set in. Rugged up and cozy on the couch, children underfoot, I am writing up a storm. 73 more words

Writing Journey

So, when is my book coming out?

Ever since people in my real life discovered I wrote a blog I’ve been asked regularly,

‘So, when is your book coming out?’ To which I’ve always answered, … 629 more words


From an old San Martian: This stings just a bit...

I was one of several hundred volunteers from around San Marcos and what was then SOUTHWEST Texas State University who pitched in to help build the roughly half-acre children’s play area in San Marcos that came to called, simply, Playscape. 1,157 more words

Forty days and 40 nights...

That always seemed like one helluva long time to me, especially when you read about somebody like Noah, riding around with not just one but two rattlesnakes, cobras, skunks, scorpions, mosquitos, black widow spiders and those jackass hyenas, laughing at you every time you’ve got to clean a litter box. 216 more words

You did it! Finally, your manuscript is finished! Months, possibly years of hard work and eventually, it is done. You rewrote, edited, and reshaped this baby more than anyone else knows.

676 more words

Possum killin'... (Part 2)

You met my dog, Hico, in my last installment. We were talking about how you could pick up on all sorts of things from a dog’s bark, if you learned how to listen. 3,282 more words