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Is Writing A Career​? This Writer Shares Their Experience!

I was recently asked to write about my career, I’ll be honest, I almost laughed out loud. I looked around my house, at my three children happily creating a mess (and it doesn’t really make me feel any better to call that mess ‘memories’), at my laundry baskets over-flowing with clean yet creased washing, at the folder on my computer called ‘Works in Progress’ that has so many half started stories I’ll have to live to a ripe old age to finish them, and I thought “What career?” 636 more words


Appreciating the tiny things in life….  

This is one of my favourite things to do at preschool and possibly the only photo I have of me reading to my class.  

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Early Learning

Author interview: Mei

How did you start writing? 

Wrote a diary of my trip with kids to Saigon and sent it to a friend who said it was pretty good and that I should write a book. 261 more words


Interview:Mickey Ann

How did you start writing?


I started writing when I was twelve!  I had just discovered the historical romance and felt compelled to write something.  It was horrible, of course. 517 more words


Eye on the Prize

A quickie.

A quick blog post, I mean.

Had to submit a bio for an upcoming “open mic” night for authors and the excitement vibe is too big to keep to myself. 185 more words


Authors log: My Silly Little Confessions; part 2

Chapters written: 1 -13

Body Count: 9

Well that really got out of hand!

As I make my way through the middle chapters of ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ it occurs to me that the main character, Tracey Campbell, isn’t the real antagonist. 224 more words

Vivika Widow

First blog post

Hi everyone! This is my first ever post. I guess I’ll use this to introduce myself and explain why I’m here.

My name is Lauren, I’m 19, and am looking for a career in writing. 61 more words