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First blog post

Hi everyone! This is my first ever post. I guess I’ll use this to introduce myself and explain why I’m here.

My name is Lauren, I’m 19, and am looking for a career in writing. 61 more words


Tales of a Poolside Crime

Once upon a time there was a family who was really so very excitably excited, because they were putting in a pool!  The kids were beside themselves – the boys began kissing their future “guns” developed by swim practice, and the little girl with big plans to be a synchronised swimmer just like the Olympians (minus the snot stoppers, apparently). 646 more words

5 things that change when you finish writing your first book

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book here’s a wee run down of how it went for me (in no particular order):

1. You now have to write: It’s in your bones, you made a habit of sitting down and putting words on paper and it’s a hard habit to break. 574 more words


What Makes an Author?

Hi guys,

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, this summer I’ve been busy and have been suffering from a case of writers block. However I’m glad to be back, but I have been thinking ‘What really makes an author?’ Truth be told everyone is by making tweets or Facebook posts, publishing YouTube videos, etc. 350 more words

Author's Log: My Silly Little Confessions; Part 1



I get asked quite a lot what inspires a new story. The simple answer is everything. It can come from the events in my life, something profoundly innocent that my nieces or nephews have said to me right down to watching how people interact with each other. 334 more words

Vivika Widow

Sometimes you have to step back...

Throughout this journey I have taken many breaks – pauses really. I don’t enjoy the breaks, but sometimes I feel like I need a moment away from the writing. 442 more words

Motivation is Everywhere! You Just Have to Look.

There are so many obstacles that can spring up when you set your mind on a goal. Some of them can be crippling enough to throw you off of your game. 1,095 more words