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Becoming an Author

My writing club offers a scholarship at the local community college. The president of the club and I went to the awards ceremony and met this year’s recipient. 347 more words

Lani Longshore

Monday Motivation-Show the World

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

– Erma Bombeck

I saw this quote in one of the e-mail newsletters I receive each week. 104 more words


Tips on Writing 3-Dimensional Characters, Part II

In my last post on writing, “Tips on Writing 3-Dimensional Characters, Part 1,” I talked about thinking through character motivations and what they want. I left off with the question of… 686 more words



So I’m rewriting chapter one of my novel, Red Star Sheriff, and I’m curious, which opener do you think works better? The original? Or the rework? 1,693 more words

A Beginner’s Guide to Creative Writing - Part 1

Sneaky gremlins snuck errors in your text?  A writer’s path inevitably leads to literary misery? Surely not! On locating the most usual traps for new authors and how to safely steer around them on your literary journey: novum publishing offers writing tips for new authors and everyone with the ambition to become one in the first part of their series… 1,374 more words


Let there be stories...

And then there was what might someday soon be my first all-original book. Working title at very least. Not sure I’m 100 percent sold yet. In its current form, it tells 21 stories over at least three generations and 260 pages in 80,500 words. 321 more words

Bobby Horecka

“I’m a Terrible Writer”: A Non-Writer’s Guide to Improving Your Everyday Writing

At the beginning of every session I’ve ever taught writing, at least one student in the class will issue the disclaimer, “I’m a terrible writer.” That student seems to think he or she is incorrigible, hopeless, a lost cause with the written word. 1,145 more words