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Sometimes you have to step back...

Throughout this journey I have taken many breaks – pauses really. I don’t enjoy the breaks, but sometimes I feel like I need a moment away from the writing. 442 more words

Motivation is Everywhere! You Just Have to Look.

There are so many obstacles that can spring up when you set your mind on a goal. Some of them can be crippling enough to throw you off of your game. 1,095 more words

Tales from a Soccer Sideline: 2020

“I’m devastated, 2020 was going to be his first year to be graded into a good team,” says soccer mum, India, carefully placing her newly lifted face in her hands so as not to create any wrinkles.  430 more words

My Yellow Bikini

I went to a conference this weekend. We participated in a small group activity that some might think strange. We were practicing hearing Heavenly Father speak to us on behalf of others. 501 more words

Christian Spirituality

My crappy new look

The other week I pictured myself stepping back into the glamorous, highly strung world of fashion, as a fashion editor sitting in the front row at Australian Fashion Week. 567 more words

My Top Ten Favorite Books

I have often heard that if you want to be a great writer you have to be a great reader. Reading books is a great way to learn the art of composition. 600 more words

Measuring Success

Two weeks ago I published my very first book. I gathered with friends at one of me and Rick’s favorite neighborhood spots, Brew’s Craft Beer and Espresso Bar, and celebrated what felt like an enormous accomplishment. 389 more words

Christian Spirituality