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Why Would Anyone Want to Write a Book?

You think you want to write a book but you’re looking for the reason to justify the perceived stress, the late nights at the computer, the possibility of failure. 521 more words

Back from the brink

“If left, the bacteria Molly has, can kill in a matter of hours.”

I remembered, through a haze, that when we first arrived at Sydney Children’s Hospital at 1am that night which was to change us forever, they’d bumped a head trauma in order to operate on the pneumococcal infection in our tiny six month old baby’s hip.   773 more words

Tales from a Soccer Sideline #2

“It’s just really important to Sam,” enthuses Marsha with a look of utter distress on her face about the whole situation, whilst simultaneously checking Facebook. “Soccer is a huge passion for him and he really looks up to the coach, sees him as the most important thing in his life during the soccer season – oh my gosh, Carolyn’s at it again with her status updates complaining about having no help at home, bor-ring….If no one else is doing it for you, get off Facebook and do it yourself woman,” mimics Marsha as she swipes Carolyn off the screen in disgust.   465 more words

Determination: The Key to Being a Successful Author

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am writing this blog post because I think we all need a kick in the butt sometimes. And I think authors most of all suffer from the illusion that writing is hard. 716 more words

Romance Writing

Instead of Sending Thousands Of Emails

How Many Unread Emails will You Write This Year?

What if You Put Those Words Into a Book

This week two of my family members did something important.   379 more words

David Stelzl

Two Funerals and a Brain Scan 

Last year was one of those years – I couldn’t go to Coles without catching pneumonia. At one point I just took my sick-after-sick-after-sick kids out of school and we ran away up the coast to a big wide open space with no snot in it.   498 more words