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Jumping Back In

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything (my sincerest apologies). My life has been a whirlwind of change the past month or so, and it’s been making it difficult to carve out a time to sleep, much less write. 136 more words

How I Reckon Writing Got Invented.

It is said that the history of all Western writing began with the Phoenicians, a group of people who taught the idea to the Greeks. 304 more words

Becoming An Author

An uncomfortable silence?

 My new job was not a comfortable one.

I learnt that every minute a human was being sold into unspeakable brutality.  Every minute that I sat at my clean, new desk, drinking my murky but hot coffee, with my body, completely intact.

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Thinking Outside the Book

I had a wonderful conversation with Mary LoVerde yesterday.  Mary is quasi-related to me by marriage, and I had the privilege of meeting her at my nephew Lynn’s wedding.   352 more words


If you are not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback. -Brene Brown


Let's talk about writing.

I can somehow sense that it’s a surprise for a certain number of people about me being able to create a book. I can’t blame them. 1,403 more words


Blowing Out My Candles

Tomorrow marks another year I’ve blessed this planet with my presence—what year, you ask?  Silly you, I’m no good with numbers.  Let’s just say I’m somewhere north of 39. 1,020 more words

Random Thoughts