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Why Give? Or Not Give?

“Donate for a good cause.”

“Your ten rupees a day can pay for a poor girl’s school fee for a year.”

“Buy these gorgeous handicrafts and help build a rural health center.” 1,010 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Forgetting and Remembering

A new post in the series – Reminders to self

Sometimes going through one’s old writings, journals, diaries can be an incredibly learning experience. It makes one recall and perhaps even renew for oneself the insight, the wisdom of the moment that had expressed itself in those words from years ago. 1,162 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Growth Can Be Dangerous

I  read the following excellent quote on Eddie Two Hawks the other day.  It really got me thinking. Just a quick share of some of the thoughts I had. 99 more words


Awaking To Love

I wish that we could all see how similar we truly are.

To remember that each of us, at our core, is the same.

We all have struggles. 110 more words

Becoming Conscious

Buy Less, Be an Environmentalist

A new post in the series – Reminders to self

June 5, World Environment Day

Some people plant trees in their neighbourhoods. Some people go on nature walks. 1,270 more words

Personal Reflections

The Root Of Jealousy

We have all experienced (and do experience) jealousy in our lives, but what is the root of jealousy?

I have noticed in myself that if ever I find myself comparing my life to that of somebody else it is in times when I am not feeling so secure in myself and the choices that I am making. 447 more words


Changes & Contemplations

So many things have changed since I first began blogging in this space. In five years, I have really grown and changed as a woman and not only has my life changed, but all of our lives have changed over the years. 2,899 more words