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Light and Dark - Some Perspective

After moving in this house, we got very busy with cleaning at the other place. We spent two weeks cleaning that place out and on top of it all I had a cold. 962 more words


How to be happy

My parents house is built on the banks of what was once a freshwater stream in South Bondi. That stream is now hidden but not properly channelled. 687 more words

Growing new brain cells

For 21 hours minus a little sleep I returned repeatedly to questioning my actions yesterday.

While swimming at the gorgeous rock pool I consider my church, I noticed a woman on the boardwalk tying up a dog. 687 more words

If We Could See Inside Others' Hearts

No one has a perfect life and life is not easy all of the time. We all have our struggles at times, bigger or smaller. We all have demons and hardships that we face. 25 more words

Food For Thought

Dare To Dream

Don’t be afraid to dream.

Sometimes I think we feel our dreams are silly or impractical, or maybe just too “out there.”

Maybe our ideal or dream self or life that we envision is so different from who we are that it scares us and makes us feel afraid of letting go of the self that we are and all that we’ve known for that newness, even though it excites us as well as scares us. 574 more words


Being Human

The world can seem like a tough place sometimes. We see the rapid changes and advances in technology and we can at times fear for our children and ourselves. 939 more words

Becoming Conscious

A Letter To Life

Dear Life,

I was sorta wondering what is the deal with time? Why does it fly by so fast? How is it that I have a teenager and all of my babies are growing up so fast? 454 more words

Beautiful Life