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Did I miss a birthday?

I almost missed my blog’s birthday. It was quite late in the evening that I remembered that my blog completed three years yesterday.

Not only that, I remembered this morning that earlier this month  545 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Stone Worshipers

Sometimes when you are browsing through the photo folder on your computer, you come across some old photograph which takes you on a little meditation of sorts. 330 more words

Indian Culture

Knowing by Grace, Again

From the archives, revised and re-offered. 

Because learning also requires revising of the lesson.

Because knowing also requires re-offering of the intellect.

Because opening to Her Light also requires re-kindling of the aspiration. 441 more words

Inner View

The Golden Day Special (Guest post by Margaret Phanes)

It gives me great joy to introduce this very special guest post.

Margaret Phanes is a dear friend, whom I have never met in person but feel a deep friendship with because of our shared love for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. 1,525 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Why Give? Or Not Give?

“Donate for a good cause.”

“Your ten rupees a day can pay for a poor girl’s school fee for a year.”

“Buy these gorgeous handicrafts and help build a rural health center.” 1,010 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Forgetting and Remembering

A new post in the series – Reminders to self

Sometimes going through one’s old writings, journals, diaries can be an incredibly learning experience. It makes one recall and perhaps even renew for oneself the insight, the wisdom of the moment that had expressed itself in those words from years ago. 1,162 more words

Words Of The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

Growth Can Be Dangerous

I  read the following excellent quote on Eddie Two Hawks the other day.  It really got me thinking. Just a quick share of some of the thoughts I had. 99 more words