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31 Days of Becoming Me

Welome to 31 Days of Becoming Me.

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Click to read the other days, I’ll be adding a link to each day once it goes live. 257 more words


The pain in my hips and calves is unbearable. Over 20,000 steps a DAY for 4 straight days. My face hurts from grinning like a fool so much. 47 more words


Having been wounded by betrayal by the one whom I gave my heart to (my husband) I am finding that I am reacting to actions of others and exaggerating the hurt when they act below my expectations, although they would never intentionally cause me pain. 377 more words


I've been put...

in charge of dough and sauce. Tomorrow is make-your-own-pizza night at House of Payne. Tons of people will be there and after pizza will be several rounds of CAH, lots of booze and…more

The Experiential Becoming

As perhaps I have suggested before in other blogs, what I think is what I know, and what I feel is really who I am. There is a third, more existential dimension to this perspective–what I experience is indeed who I am becoming. 600 more words

Martial Arts

Stuck at a crossroad... or two..

“Every 7 years, the cells in your entire body will be destroyed and replaced with new cells.One day I will have a body you will have never touched.“-Unkown… 549 more words

Becoming Me

Timing is Everything

A lot of people may look at my life and judge or question the choices I’ve made throughout it. I’m 21 years old, engaged and due to have my son any day now. 507 more words

Becoming Me