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14 JUne Journal

Good Happy Hump day folks. I am worn out. I honestly believe most of it is either stress or lack of physically moving every single day like i was before taking this position. 617 more words

Journal Entry

That I may have life abundantly....fat or skinny. 

I wrote this last about 1 year ago today. I edited it to fit more of today but I had a burden on my heart to share it. 984 more words



Fearless – Jasmine Murray

fearless. my anthem. my theme. my battle cry. my being-ness. i am fearLESS.

but i spent a lifetime of living, breathing, being fearFULL. 552 more words

12 & 13 May journal

Good morning folks it’s Friday. Thus i think it’s Friday. It’s been one of those weeks and hopefully the closing will be much better than the rest of it. 672 more words

Journal Entry


As I write this post I am in a restaurant sipping some tasty mango juice.There’s one exit to my left and the rest are four walls.Without these walls i definitely would be able to see what’s going on outside the restaurant.For now all i can see are the people within this restaurant,my visibility of the outside environment is limited and I can’t tell how the street looks like! 292 more words

Becoming Me

here at last

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.Viktor Frankl

I am here at last settled into my new house with BMW views ( 624 more words


The silence of your own soul

The older I get, the more I become me. With each experience that I live, the more I discover who I am and  more I learn how to become me. 169 more words