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Hiccups On The Path

Well this week has been a doozy. Had everything coming at me all at once. Everyone has an opinion and let me know it. I have gone from feeling excited about the future to depressed because I am not doing what everyone else wants me to do. 1,274 more words

The Voices That Rob

As I sit every morning and attempt to spend time with my Heavenly Father. Voices fill my mind. Voices of all I have to do and they each sound different. 503 more words


Flying high

Just a short post to keep in touch …

I have been away for two months, visiting my son in Canada, daughter-in-law and my brand new gorgeous baby grand-daughter. 315 more words


Guest Blogs

Lately I have been trying to write more, whether it be on my own blog or as a guest writer on other blogs. Two wonderful blogs have been Creative Souls Tribe and Becoming Me. 114 more words


29 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s Thursday. Today is going to be better, trust me. Hold up your head, stick out your chest and ass, and be you. 501 more words

Get Real!

“How can they be so gullible?” I ask this of my Facebook friends and family at least once a day. I’m “friends” with a staunch conservative woman that I would love to hang out with more, but she posts a ton of ridiculous nonsense about liberals – my political affiliation. 295 more words

Becoming Me

as close as I can

we’re surrounded by marble
statues looking past o through
caught at a point that might
be considered embarrassing
but it is this time
with winds whipping… 109 more words