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If I Could Do...

anything in the world, I’d open a cupcake bakery!

I'm laying...

wood flooring in my room. At 11:30 at night…

At Least it's Not Rocket Science

by Kelsie Crawford

. . . but oh wait . . . it is!

So you probably think rocket science is pretty difficult, right? You would have to be a genius or some crazy nut of a person to want to get into rocketry and learn all that stuff ‘cause it’s the hardest thing in world. 1,879 more words

Death Created Me

By Cassandra Anderson

If I knew New Year’s Day 2006 would turn out the way it did I would have never got out of bed. 1,620 more words

Dear Friend,

My “BestFriend” (in quotes because we’re really not close anymore, but I don’t know what else to call her) is always stressed out. She’s always about to lose her job, her parents have been on death’s doorstep for close to 20 years now and everything is always as bad as it can possibly get. 1,059 more words

Bad Habits

I'm playing...

Hide and Seek with 2 three year olds.
They are crazy!

This is the 5th time they’ve hid in the closet!

Say No

Growing up as the family peacekeeper has left me always hoping to make everyone happy at the expense of my own joy at times. Sad to admit it but moving to London allowed me the freedom to discover what I wanted and eventually become my own unique individual. 195 more words