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You Don't Just Become What You Say

Wait a minute, “do you just become what you say?”. Powerful words are not a function of what comes from our mouth but are birthed from our subconscious.

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so am i a writer?

I read Bukowski for the first time when I was sixteen. My junior English teacher lent me Women because he thought I’d like it. His insight instroduced me to one of my favorite books. 177 more words


growing up gritty

Today’s challenge from National Poetry Writing Month is to write a bunch of prose and then pick a poem out of it.  Being lazy, i used a haibun i had already written.  67 more words


no excuse

being abused and disappointed in any form is never an excuse for abusing and disappointing

like maya angelou , jill scott and my moma said, 105 more words


[Transferred Article] There is no such thing as instantaneous wisdom... so stop asking and start working!

We live in an instant world.  With the advances of the information age, everything is about speed.  Shops are in decline as customers take advantage of home deliveries.  613 more words



there is room for everyone at the top.

under this mercury retrograde shadow, i’ve been reflecting on mercury retrograde and how many things came up for me again. 534 more words


Commitment and Dedication- Worth (1.3.00)

Here it is, the moment of truth. This is where you get to be really honest with yourself about what you want out of this Journey, and what you want to put into it. 295 more words