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The Reynolds Pamphlet

So last week, the work peeps discovered this blog.  (That has been public for four years.  That has been linked on my public Instagram profile for over a year.   436 more words


The Potter's Work

Sometimes the potter’s work is very messy. Pounding. Probing. Dizzying. Painfully slow. Hot. But his work is also sure as he moves with every turn on the wheel to create a vessel he’s envisioned—a vessel that’s useful and beautiful in his eyes and one that resembles Jesus, and therefore himself. 329 more words

Foot Race

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile. I’m not sure why I don’t sit down and write in the middle of chaos. This is so therapeutic for me. 1,085 more words


Stay Awake & Become

This has been my lifelong struggle – simply getting out of bed in the morning. It should be simple, right? I’m not talking about difficulty with waking, but more so staying awake and physically moving my limbs towards activity. 447 more words


27 in 27

1. Jesus really is the center of it all. There is a plan and purpose for your life that goes far beyond selfish living.
2. I didn’t really understand who God is until I was 25 years old– and I’m still learning daily. 408 more words


The three essentials of prayer

I have concluded after numerous conversations that there are the three essentials of prayer.

Too often prayer is a seemingly endless monotone of requests, concerns, hopes and fears directed broadly at some entity we trust is God, or in reality someone or something that might come to our aid. 718 more words


Seeds of the future

Seeds of the future

Our thoughts are the seeds
Of our future:
Near and far

DidiArtist, 08.12.2016