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Becoming Money Wise


Becoming Money Wise
By:”Phil Strong”,”Joshua Moore”
Published on 2008 by Maruki Books

WiseMoney – take control of your finances and create your future is based on the seminars that Phil Strong has been delivering to audiences throughout NZ since 2004, when he realised that financial literacy is at the root of most family challenges, and that our young adults are growing up, earning money and yet have no idea how to get ahead of the financial treadmill they find themselves on of money in-money out and nothing left over. 147 more words



I strove to be invisible.

I didn’t want to be noticed for being cute or smart or adorable or good. (Although good came the closest to desirable on that list.) I was very uncomfortable with being cute. 1,194 more words


keep looking for a solution
to a problem that doesn’t exist
this is life, babe 95 more words


The Exact Moment When The Abstract Becomes Crystal Clear Fact (potential trigger)

The other morning, must have been Saturday, I was sitting at my boyfriend’s computer and listening to something by the Rolling Stones; it may have been “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” I don’t really remember what it is was. 1,128 more words


Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest!


I’ve moved from a crazy culture that seems always to be in an urgent hurry, to one that isn’t.  

241 more words

Of Rain On Rooftops

and it is in night…

like a babe in fresh blankets
snuggled and seeing,
quiet and jumping

in jammies with footies
singing of safety,
hot chocolate and nibbles, 52 more words


About Failure, Having Two Heads, and Becoming

Let me start by asking if you have ever failed. Have you?

It is true that some people out there have never failed, not once, but you have? 720 more words