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Random Thoughts #1/

We have dreams ,plans and a list things we want to acheive in this life or where we want to get to in some years to come .But before we make  all these plans do we seek Gods face and ask if this is really what He wants for our lives ?.I remember in high school I had made tight plans for my life and where I wanted to see myself in some years to come to the point of the age I wanted to get married (sitting here laughing out loud as I type this ). 341 more words


The essence of the Heart

The essence of the Heart is that it is alive and in motion. It pumps the blood, pulsates and beats. It gives the vital rhythm. 20 more words

Reject The Spirit of 'Proving'.

One thing you consciously need to guard against is the spirit of proving.

If you have to prove every time that you are good, you are worthy, you are smart, you are wise, you are strong, you are sweet then there is something going on on the inside you need to check. 84 more words

A note to self

A journal entry, 17 August 2016 e.v.

You make mistakes. And from the mistakes, you learn to make things better.

In fact, the only real mistakes are trivial. 124 more words

Human walking

Born from uninitiated folk,

as most Westerners are,

creates holes in knowing that let icy winds enter.

Weaving oneself back together requires attention,

a briny commitment, earthly, 33 more words


Exploring my Brain: The Primary Frontier

Since I’ve started keeping this blog, I’ve been exposed to new perspectives and styles of thinking. I’ve particularly been drawn to autist and apsie writers ( 1,595 more words


The Metaphysics of Evolution

How far back does natural selection go? Is it just a biological phenomenon or can we attribute natural selection to the creation of the biological itself? 383 more words