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Would our words change is choose to inscribe them, instead of type them?

I remember reading Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Minds a few years ago and remember her advice to writers on the importance of writing by hand. While I can’t find her exact words, the essence (if memory serves me right), was that the voice that comes out when we write one word after the next, drawing the curves, stringing the letters, crossing the Ts and dotting the Is (or not) is different from the voice that comes out when we’re going tap-tap-tap on the keyboard. 335 more words


Closet doors open,

Books stacked on the floor,

Clothes piled, blankets heaped,

Rugs rolled up and removed,

A gallon of vinegar squatting

where the couch used to be.. 10 more words


learning & being

Being is learning to be

Learning is being what

could one be.

Could should

be should.

Should could

be would.

Would could

be might!

©crazyhorsepoetry… 6 more words


new hands

a stormy gateway opened… and a golden one closes..
it can be like that
stepping outside yourself
to usher in what’s waiting.
move into an unknown place… 12 more words


In a room with one soul.

There is a hollowness in my metaphysical gut. It’s not depression. Depression feels like being a small, guttering flame trapped between a thickening wall of glass and an abyss. 836 more words


It is no accident then

It is no accident then
I’m sett down here
rose and honeysuckle twined
about my door and to the west
rise a ridge of pine and beech, 194 more words


Lullaby Under a Full Moon

Singing their nighttime song,
the croaking chorus reminds me that,
the world is more than my room.

Gently nudging the blinds,
the night breeze brings its own tactile lullaby, 29 more words