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My Creative Awakening: Childhood

It feels like a lot has been changing recently – and I mean the kind of internal shifting that is the result of the introspective work I’ve been doing. 1,438 more words


Being & Becoming Starts at His Feet

I have been on a writing hiatus, well kinda sorta. I have still been journaling and writing for personal reflection, but I had to step away from some things. 695 more words

Be(come) the artists you are

Because you are. It might seem obvious to you (welcome, then you are an artist) or not so obvious…and then Joseph Beuys comes into play with his quote that “Everyone is an artist.” …and somebody (whose name I cannot remember) adding to it “…but only artists know about it.” 355 more words

Work of Art...

​He loves me

In stages in-between,

The not quite there,

The paper thin.

Slow walks with me,

Sit down for tea,

And explain to me, 138 more words


Because of One Adding

Because of one adding to existence, not only will one become for more as savior but also existence will become for more than just simple existence… 64 more words


More Because of One

Existence became for more because of one even though she already was complete. And if one makes more existence even though already complete, thus both will become forever for much more and because of becoming forever for much more, thus both also forever will renew and also will become forever new, as if both were forever new and for much more…


Another life drawing class

This is really good practice and I’m starting to like some of the results