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In The Edges

“Edge places fascinate us, because at heart we too are seeking the edges, the places of risk and unknowing. We long to embrace our own wildness. 90 more words


Email Marketing How To Market Effectively Without Becoming SPAM

Marketing your business takes determination, inventiveness and thinking. footslog one to creating an effective email marketing campaign will be crowd information, and this article is a great place to start. 737 more words

Affiliate Marketing

? & A

All ? – One answer:

We better take responsibility for our unexamined pre- and assumptions and for the things we practice that reinforce them.

Becoming instead of Being is our practice. 7 more words


I wish to tell you about the beauty of the spinning sheres

I wish to tell you about the beauty of the spinning spheres.

You see, each circle takes a certain amount of time and space. Some circles need a few hours, other need days, and others … Well, they might even take years. 98 more words


Rich? Poor? No such thing.

The ocean shore laps
the feet of the weary;
energising both the same,
the poor man’s soul,
the rich man’s heart.

Sparking ideas new,
paths unimagined, 56 more words


Boy at Creek

This is coming along. Still working with the space and reflection on the water.



From homeschool to college…; ‘who wud have thunk it!’  From: so you think you can homeschool? And: are you not afraid, they will not be socialized… 111 more words