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the path unraveled before me

The whole world is home –

right where I find myself is

right where I belong.


Quotes for Quenching - 13

“Inner beauty, too, needs occasionally to be told it is beautiful.” – Unknown

Whether it is anger or sadness, it’s okay to bring them here because I know how quiet the woods can get, and it is something you need when you’re looking for a soft place to hold up that will be equally as hard on the things you’re working to change – Yes, I know how quiet they can get, but don’t conclude that it is weak, god no the roots go deep; They hold far more together than the shallow mind will take notice of. 193 more words


Stream Stacy Barthe’s Debut Album ‘BEcoming’

It’s seems like forever since Stacy Barthe first came on the scene. It’s hard to believe that she is just now releasing her debut album, it seems like she has had albums out already, but nope. 92 more words

New Music

Stacy Barthe - You Wonder Why?

Stacy Barthe will be dropping her 17-track album BEcoming in just a few days (July 10) and she has released one last single to whet your appetite.  118 more words

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On Writing

I am a creature of ritual and habit.

I need structure in order to write.  I need a plan.  I need two spaces after a period, because that’s the way I was taught to type. 404 more words


Endless Majesty

I could hold a straight pin in my fingers on one day.  For a moment, I could describe what I perceive.  It is an object for specific use, and has certain provable dimensions.  354 more words