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Hey y’all! Welcome to my modest little corner on the web! Let me just dig right in here. When I first decided to create this blog, I was a bit stuck on the direction that I was going to go. 395 more words


Leadership desperately, urgently needs reimagination and reinvention

Leadership desperately, urgently needs reimagination and reinvention. Because if it isn’t reinvented, you, me, and everyone with a functioning brain will continue to be rightly eye-rollingly cynical, furiously distrustful, and LOL-inducingly contemptuous of the figureheads we call leaders… 215 more words


Don't Be In A Hurry. 

Waiting for something can really drive one crazy but if you are patient enough, the joy supersedes every pain you must have felt.

Why try to reach for the stars, when the star will definitely come to you in its splendor. 151 more words

Joy Of Knowing


I am more myself

Today than yesterday, so

I push ev’ryday.


The Turmoil Of Spring

I am wearing the turmoil of Spring in my hair
I have worn it so young and so old
It’s for you that I wear Spring so zestfully there… 153 more words


The Goddess Incarnate

I have not yet crossed
The depths of the Abyss;
From fear, I hesitated.

I have crossed
The Gates of Yog-Sothis
Becoming the Goddess Incarnate.

Why I always begin again (and again)

“The sun comes up and we start again. The sun comes up and we start again… Be here now.” Mason Jennings sang me to wake this morning with words that I needed to hear and carry with me today. 520 more words