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How to get started ghost writing

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I’ve been talking about ghost writing quite a bit these days But yet I still haven’t really talked about how you should go about doing it- why? 304 more words


Is your aspiration wise - or unwise?

I was reading Tara Brach’s “True Refuge – Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart,” in my midnight hour of quiet reading and drifting, when I came across this passage: 89 more words

Wisdom of Woja - 04 Seeing What You've Always Been Looking At

“You know people change, and sometimes it is shit, but they have to do it, because at one time they weren’t that great to start – So it ends up working out.”

107 more words

The Struggle within

“People have said a lot of things, but still, everyone is Struggling. May be because while listening to other people, we forgot to listen to ourselves.”

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Maintain your focus
No future no past just now
Hungry feed me more



Present and Uncontained

It feels so fiercely good
to be free, to be found
in the reds and swirls
and sweats of my sisters
wise and strong
and wild and welded together… 73 more words