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Bed Bug Success Stories - Episode 1

Our company, Red Coat Services, has been working with a variety of multifamily clients over the years.  They come to us exasperated by a constantly expanding bed bug problem.   192 more words

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The 3 Biggest Bed Bug Mistakes Made by Property Managers Today!

If you work in multifamily housing bed bugs are an old subject by now.  But as we have all come to realize, there are ways to win this war and then there is the slow financial drain that seems never ending.  570 more words

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The contrast pertaining to bedbugs treatment would need to be done in such a manner that you do not find yourself looking into the overall fixation of getting sleepless nights. 38 more words

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Check your apartment for bed bugs before you rent!

Even after working with bed bugs daily I am still surprised by their resiliency and the havoc bed bugs can inflict on unsuspecting people.  I sing it from the roof tops – be vigilant in your travels and your daily life – because bed bugs are coming to your world one way or the other.  363 more words

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Bed Bug K9 in Pest Control

Here is an article that the Georgia Pest Control Association just published regarding the use of dogs to find bed bugs (page 10).  You might recognize the author! 12 more words

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Will Bed Bugs Infest my Dog and Cat?

Bed bugs will feed off of any warm blooded mammal.  That goes for humans, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, bats etc.  However, they do not tend to like to LIVE on any of us.  175 more words

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