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Bite Me

I pulled up in the after school pick up line topless.

I couldn’t help it. It had to be done. My very survival depended on me having my shirt off. 771 more words


My Bedroom In The Good Old Days

God knows how many times the old bedstead I slept in, as a child, was handed down. It was a  1940s double bed with a wooden headboard with slatted vertical boards and had three carved holes in the shape of hearts over the pillows. 617 more words


Cockroaches invading Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg entomologist says cockroaches could soon become the city’s number one pest.

Taz Stuart, with Poulin’s Pest Control, told Global News there is a spike in the number of cockroaches being found in apartments across the city. 261 more words


EWWW! Bed Bugs On The Red Line?

That’s right…bed bugs were reported by passengers on the red line!!! Thankfully, the CTA was on it immediately! They pulled out the car in question to exterminate and inspect the car for bugs. 9 more words


A Typical Day Bedbug life!

Do you have these and wondered, why don`t I see them?

What a cryptic lifestyle, spending a majority of their time hiding together in cracks and crevices where they will not be seen or disturbed. 339 more words

Lessons I am learning...

I feel I have learned a lot thus far with this experience in my life, but I wanted to jot them down for future reference as well as to share with others. 996 more words

Mosquito bite or not??....that is the question.

Today was a hard day. I have been doing so good lately. I stumbled upon a blog abt a Mom whose husband was in ministry and they were moving to a new city and she kept saying ‘Faith over Fear’ over and over as she worries abt them draining their savings while trying to sell their house and relocate and worrying abt a new city and new places and etc…. 524 more words