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Aztec Pattern

Sleep Routine for School

Are you like many parents across the United States, with students in grades K through 12 that are getting ready to go back to school, or already back in school?   371 more words

Health Issues

Why Pillows Are So Important to Actually Keep you Healthy?

No one can deny the importance of getting a quality night’s rest. Not only do you wake up feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and all around better, but you also benefit in the form of long-term health. 305 more words

How often you should change your pillows. Here's what you need to know.

The average person keeps their pillow for more than three years before replacing it. An additional 50 percent don’t replace their pillow until they notice it starts to wear down. 377 more words

Allergy-free Pillows

How to Protect your College Investment

You probably clicked on this article thinking it was going to help you to protect the investment you have made for your child’s future higher education. 331 more words

Buying Home Linens

Why Sleep Quality is Imperative

We’ve all had them. Rough nights where we tossed and turned hoping to eventually fall asleep. For years, experts have warned us that failing to get enough rest can cause serious physical problems. 284 more words

Pillow And Your Neck

Why Millennials Should Care About Having the Right Pillow

When we’re young, we often throw caution to the wind and ignore our health. One area in particular that we completely forget about is sleep. Getting a few hours of sleep here and there seems like enough to stay healthy. 237 more words

Allergy-free Pillows