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Monday 08.02.16

I was up and about early thin morning and felt a bit hungover, got Cameron all ready for his work work experience , had coffee and then cycled to the farm and turned Skye out for the day, had a very busy day in work but the day really seemed to drag, came home to a nice dinner and it was nice listening to Cameron talking about his day at work, he has really enjoyed his day… 19 more words

Every Day Stuff

“Bed” at The Echo Theater Company

The bed in Sheila Callaghan’s new play Bed, now in its premiere production at The Echo Theater Company, is huge, at least a California king, and dominates the playing space. 531 more words

Bedful Fright

In bed for the night….
Try as I might… Still I fright
The world goes on… and one day  I will not
All the good times seem forgot… 30 more words

Live Life

Being a Mum

Now I know I’ve written similar posts on this blog about being a mum, or a parent, or getting old and so on…but with each day my children bring something new and fresh to being a mum. 341 more words

20 Facts About Me

I thought, as a little insight to me, I’d share 20 random facts about myself, some informative, some probably pretty random!

I’d love to see your 20 facts! 398 more words