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Toronto, ON How to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to properly eliminate. It…

7 Phrases No Woman Wants to Hear in Bed

Truth: What you say in bed is almost as important as what you do. With a single word or sentence, you can make sex sizzle or send us into squirm-worthy discomfort from which our libidos won’t recover in the foreseeable future. 278 more words


Me, myself and I

To any normal, sane person that title would relate to just the one person. However for me, it really is three different people. Its the person I want to be who appears very rarely in my life, the lazy person who is available most of the time and the third. 408 more words


Poem of the Week and a Thought (28.07.15)

On seeing old friends: We grow up and away from each other but sights and scents bind us. No matter how far we spread ourselves, when you say ‘Home’ I see and smell the same memories.  308 more words


A better day 

I started out my summer vacation very depressed as usual. The first two weeks were very dark. The last two has not been AS bad as usual. 230 more words