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Donut Pillow

Sink Your Head into Sweets
  • What: Confectionery pillows
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Cute, fun, affordable
  • Where: Amazon
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The Master Quilt.

Back in February I embarked on a new project, mostly to take my mind off the impending move. I was Kon mari-ing the house, ready for removals, and I had managed to sell some of my unused craft items to fund the materials for a massive quilt for our bedroom. 803 more words



Bed linen is a love of my! I like to spend a little more on certain items to make sure i get the quality and longevity of an item. 153 more words

Ahoy there sailor

Growing up with a tattoo artist for a father, it’s fair to say that life was always colourful.

From a young age I remember pouring over reams of designs, from playing cards to hula girls, I’d mentally covered 70 percent of my body by my mid-teens. 224 more words

Maintaining a Worm Bin

Feed your worms about a quart (one pound) of food scraps per square foot of surface area in your bin per week. To avoid Common Problems, like fruit flies and odors, always bury food under the bedding. 198 more words


Vermicomposting - Getting Started

Choose a Bin
Buy a bin, or build one out of wood, plastic, an old dresser drawer, shipping crate, or barrel.

What Kind of Bin? 343 more words


Are Additional Pillows Necessary?

At home, I only ever had the standard bed pillows. Some decorative yes, but when my mom came to me asking if I wanted a husband or body pillow for school, I turned my head in confusion. 226 more words