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The Winds of Change

I’ve always been a fan of change…well, let me be specific: change that I (and only I) have created. As a young girl, I’d get on these whims to totally rearrange my room, typically against my mother’s will. 1,054 more words


Wires, wires and more wires!

My boyfriend has a little obsession with wires! Usb, phone chargers, cable wires, if it’s a wire, then we have it! I have tried over and over again to organize these. 472 more words

The Best Things in My Bedroom: Cacti and Carafe

This is one of those posts that sounds SO boring, but I want to write it because of how much joy I get from the things I’m about to mention. 339 more words


5 Things I Do to Wind Down

I used to struggle quite a lot with getting to sleep easily and quickly – I used to work long  evening shifts, usually starting at 5pm and often finish at about 1:30am. 649 more words

Amazing space saving bedroom designs

If your home has modest proportions you need space saving furniture. In this article we are going to share with you some Amazing Bed Space Saving Designs… 367 more words

Architectural Designs

I Review Everything: Day 248 - Door

The door to my room is aging.

The handle falls off each time it is moved. The paint at the bottom has chipped, and the hinges squeal in pain. 10 more words

I Review Everything