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Tour the house...again!


I’m actually a week early on this but I am too excited to wait!

Things are moving along (maybe a bit slower than I’d like) but VISIBLY! 877 more words


Vintage Bedroom Drama

When time is at an optimum, trying to find time to do any decorating can be difficult, however if you manage to get a free weekend, you can overhaul your bedroom in one fail swoop.  20 more words

Off On His Own

The Tiny Human has had a mix of sleeping in his own bed and co-sleeping (we have a king size bed, so there is plenty of room), but mostly co-sleeping for this past year. 306 more words

Creating a Wedding Registry

When couples begin to contemplate marriage, it is common to ask the important questions: Can we see ourselves together forever? Do our future goals align? Do we want to have a family? 649 more words


Finally...A Finished Room (sort of)

So, it’s been a few weeks since I posted and while I feel like we are honestly working around the clock on this house, I also feel at times (most times) like we have nothing new to show. 611 more words

How To get Your Bedroom Ready For Autumn

Seeing as I’m completely obsessed with this time of the year I thought that I would write a post that focuses entirely on getting bedroom ready for these colder months ahead. 556 more words