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B.E.D.S. 26 Stewart the Cat

Hi everyone!

Today, I wanna tell you about my cute, little son, Stewart.

He’s a stray cat my brother found outside his workplace.  My brother said he was very small and couldn’t be more than a few weeks old.   322 more words


Most Mattress Stores Offer Special Beds that can Aid Asthma Patients

Based on the latest numbers from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, more than 20 million Americans are suffering from the debilitating chronic lung condition known as asthma. 106 more words

Random Ramblings #3

Hey peeps!

Normally Sunday is BSC-day, but that post is going to be a day late for 2 reasons. 274 more words


Love is effortless

Howdy peeps!

I was chatting with one of my friends today, about a girl he’s falling in love with. He was surprised by how easily he got along with her, and how effortless their relationship felt. 1,170 more words


When bad beds happen to good people

**Seizure Warning**

I see all kinds of crap out in the wild. Purple walls, missing toilets, Pepto pink ceilings, all manner of wall art made from beer caps. 218 more words

B.E.D.S. 24 Steps To Start Off Your Day Well

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Sometimes I let myself get in this rut.  I wake up, lay in bed, talk to Stewart (my cat), get up, drink some water and coffee, and just laze around while I watch TV.  390 more words


The history of a nickname

Howdy peeps!

Yesterday’s post was a bit depressing to write and think about, so let’s do something fun today. Like talk about the origin of my online alias Krissilla! 432 more words