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Let Sleeping Cats Lie

After a week of horrid heat and humidity, we are once again back to unseasonably cool weather, and that means the meows have been feisty!  Caesar comes barreling up onto the bed at 5 am to greet and snuggle with the human. 295 more words


The Devil Made Her do It!

So there we were, in the process of getting ready to start our days.  The human was trying to make the bed and the kitties were trying to prevent that. 306 more words


What on earth is a mattress topper? Do I need one?

Setting up a comfy bed for yourself is a challenge when you get into all the accessories, linen and bells and whistles that you can have. 511 more words


How To Get The Best Sleep This Winter

Feeling like it’s a drain to get out of bed this winter? Then you’d be absolutely right. While even the most beautiful of winter days is still pretty uninviting to leave a warm bed for, the reasons run deeper. 738 more words


Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s Put Your Best Foot Forward Day.  Of course, with Caesar’s feet, it’s going to be tough figuring out which one to lead with as they’re both pretty special. 19 more words


Winter is all about spending time at home ...

Winter is all about spending time at home – It’s time for roaring fires, bubbling curries, board games, cosy throws and blankets.

As temperatures dip lower, bring your focus inward by re-arranging your furniture.  120 more words

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How Not to Make a Bed

The human was trying to make the bed before all the mammals in the house headed downstairs for breakfast. One wily feline kept attacking the bedding every time the human would try to pull a wrinkle out or otherwise straighten the fabric.  104 more words