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A Dragon named Frank with a hot problem

Breeze was smiling because he could smell his favorite smell – cakes baking. He slid off the branch and began to wander through the forest. He knew if he took his time he would miss the messy washing up bit and land at Tulips door in time for afternoon tea and cake. 469 more words

Bedtime Reading

The 2nd Plague

Yesterday was a day to forget. You’ve had them. We all have them. It was the kind of day, that, when you finally lay your head down on the pillow, the best thing you can say about the day is: it is finished. 683 more words

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Heads & Tales has had a makeover

This diverse collection of flash and short fiction has been sliced, diced, moulded and freshened up inside and out. Check out the new cover.

Check out the reviews and buy this book here. 6 more words


How to banish Grandma-bashing in fairy tales

There’s a wealth of modern literature that today’s parents and grandparents can share with the children in their lives. These stories are uplifting and colorfully illustrated, often with a moral or life lesson tucked in. 805 more words


The day when the forest played a trick on a tiny witch.

Every seven years a crazy day arrives in the wood. It is called Mayhem day. And as you would expect anything is possible on this day. 790 more words

A long poem or a short story?

Izzy the fairy, asked Ciara her boss,  “Could I have a different job please?

This year I won’t be seen turning the trees green.”

Izzy was spinning sending fairy dust high in the air. 919 more words


Izzy's Problem

Note: A first draft of a chapter book, remarks, comments will be chewed on with delight.

Chapter 1

A problem to solve.

Pots and pans were zipping through the air.  621 more words