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Friday Favourite: Sylvia Plath

Hardly surprising but I love, love, LOVE Syliva Plath. Of course I do. I am an earnest bookish girl. Loving Plath is a basic tenet for me. 540 more words

Spring in September

There is a mischievious witch living on the outskirts of the wood. Her name is Lovisma. She is unpredictable and full of trouble making ideas. 520 more words

Children's Fiction

We've finished! The Folk of the Faraway Tree

The truly great kids’ books, in my opinion, are those that appeal to adults as much as children. Because those are the books that are simply great reads, whoever the audience, and that is a crowning achievement for any writer. 670 more words


Monday Blues

Today’s Distances:

Swimming: 0km

Cycling: 0km

Running: 0km

Ok, cards on the table: I didn’t get any miles in today. This’ll just be a quick update as to how I’m feeling. 75 more words


Lilians' friend April.

There is a little confusion about April  as Lilian believes she is an angel and Breeze thinks she is a fairy, what do you think?

Bedtime Reading

Lilian's Friend : Part two.

Tulip was surprised when Breeze offered to mind Lilian the following afternoon. “I won’t have time to bake you pies or cupcakes.” She told him. 560 more words

Childrens Fiction

Lilian's friend.

Breeze was minding Lilian. Tulip promised him one dozen lemon blackberry pies if he would mind her for a while. The thought of eating the pies made his lips water and his eyes grew large as he imagined how big they might be.  393 more words

Childrens Fiction