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The Mix Up.

The mix up.

Lily and Laura both live in Mudpile Wood.

Lily is a tiny Ogre which means she is a lot bigger than fairies or elves of her age. 379 more words

Fiction For Children

The Importance Of Reading To Your Little One

Bedtime is the perfect time to let your imagination wonder.

Bedtime stories are not only fun but are critical to your child’s development. Aside from creating special parent-child bonds and preparing your child to fall asleep, researchers are noticing a connecting between other “powers” to this nighttime routine.   267 more words

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On being sentimental

I bought the book, “Mein Esel Benjamin” in an art museum in Germany my junior year of college. I chose this over others because 1: It was only 5.90 Euros; 2: It was about a donkey with the same name as my then-boyfriend, now-husband and the jokes seemed endless, and 3: That little girl’s face was adorable. 702 more words

The Year in Books: March 2015

I’m joining in with The Year in Books, a great little project that encourages people to read more, started by Laura from Circle of Pine Trees… 467 more words


Pippi Longstocking Saves Bedtime

I thought I had pretty much covered all the children’s classics in my youth. The Wind in The Willows, The Worst Witch, all the Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books known to man, I read them all. 253 more words


Butterfly Hunt

Breeze sat up and looked about him.  He couldn’t see anything but he could hear a lot of soft whispering in the air.  Suddenly he heard a loud shout, “I see him. 546 more words

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