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The Land of Reverse by David Manousos

The Land of Reverse  by David Manousos has a gentle tone with a soothing cadence to the words that suit perfectly for bedtime readings. The illustrations are a great accompaniment. 84 more words

Book Review

Miffy Books | Review*

Miffy books are a little something from my childhood so it was great sharing that with Joshua and seeing him enjoy something as I did. They are all such cute little books that are filled to the brim with colourful and bright illustrations. 539 more words


The Great Bubble Chase

“Frankie! Are you awake.”

“Awake? Wide awake sir!” Frankie blinked and looked about him wondering what he had missed.

“Right, perhaps you can explain the story to everyone here.” … 3,251 more words

How to get a little one to sleep

Miffy loves a good night’s sleep. She has lots of adventures in her dreams; from flying with Uncle Pilot to baking with Aunt Alice.

It can take her a little while to nod off to dreamland though, so Mother Bun follows the same routine each night to soothe Miffy to sleep. 363 more words


The Versatile Blogger Award

I received this award courtesy of  Writing With Hope  – thank you I am delighted to have come to anyone’s attention enough to merit an award. 255 more words

Bedtime Reading

A habit I acquired years ago, perhaps even during my childhood, is reading just before I go to sleep.  Picking the right books remains key unless you want to stay up half the night either reading or thinking about something horrifying or depressing you’ve read. 220 more words

Sally's Sunflowers

Sally started on her list. 1. Keep Bubbles out of the way.

She put a nice comfy cushion on the sunny windowsill in her bedroom, next she placed Bubbles on top of the cushion. 1,410 more words