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Books to share with your children.

Reading to my children every night is something that I enjoy and feel passionate about.  It improves their learning, helps them settle at bedtime and creates a calm ‘one on one’ moment no matter how many arguments we’ve had in the day.  838 more words


So ..I have written a book for kids, what next?

The simple answer would or should be, write another one. And there are five or six books written but not edited sitting in a neat queue somewhere in my desk. 193 more words


The boy that water hated.

Noah,  collected his name as he was born during a rainstorm.

The rain pounded down on his parents. If you had been able to wring their clothes, you would have collected enough to fill three barrels.   484 more words

The progression of a book cover.

I believed, stupidly, that once I had the main story written that the other bits and bobs would fall into place in a matter of weeks. 142 more words

A baby dragon finds her name.

She was the smallest dragon ever born. Everyone loved her. When the question was asked, “what is her name?” The answer was, “we haven’t found just the right one for this sweet little dragon yet, but we are working on it.” 228 more words

Lolita gets clever

With  five hundred and fifty five  sacks of nectar  collected, I only have six more to go. Then I will be  collector of the week… 593 more words

Bedtime Reading

I'm in a HUGE reading slump!

I love reading, so when I don’t read for whatever reason, I feel like I’m losing a piece of my soul.

I know, that’s quite the dramatic response, but for a writer, reading is crucial. 307 more words

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