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Child Authors: Learning from Children

Lately, my eldest has been devouring books like a caterpillar expecting an immanent leaf shortage. So much so that despite his shelves being laden with books his hunger for new, uncharted territory is proving hard to keep up with. 817 more words

Children's Books

Friday favourite: Brooklyn (the book, of course)

Floating around the edges of my brain in this very very busy week has been Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn. I keep glimpsing the movie posters (it feels like it ought to be called a movie, not a film) as I stride along tube tunnels rushing from one meeting to the next, and there was a lovely unignorable article on the costumes in last week’s New Yorker. 695 more words

Shopping, fireworks and a new favourite book

I had so many lovely moments with Ava today, she is 100% back to being her super cheeky self and I love every minute of it. 730 more words


Five Frugal Things

  1. Despite being tempted on several occasions,  I have refrained from turning on the furnace.  I just wear layers and huddle in my blanket.
  2. I batched errands including a trip to the grocery store where I bought a marked down sirloin steak and a whole chicken (87cents/#) …
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Five Frugal Things

Friday Favourite: Sylvia Plath

Hardly surprising but I love, love, LOVE Syliva Plath. Of course I do. I am an earnest bookish girl. Loving Plath is a basic tenet for me. 540 more words

Spring in September

There is a mischievious witch living on the outskirts of the wood. Her name is Lovisma. She is unpredictable and full of trouble making ideas. 520 more words

Children's Fiction

We've finished! The Folk of the Faraway Tree

The truly great kids’ books, in my opinion, are those that appeal to adults as much as children. Because those are the books that are simply great reads, whoever the audience, and that is a crowning achievement for any writer. 670 more words