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Ode to Toast

seven-grain bread sliced

two hands, a plate, a knife bare


buckle your safeties

the red glow reassuring

toaster mechanics

Pop! transformation –

devotees to greater good, 58 more words


Cereal Wars

The following are all the meals that everyone in my house will eat for dinner without complaining:

Penne with meatballs.  The end.

So since my kids don’t really eat what I cook for dinner, they are not surprisingly hungry before bed, and while most Moms would take a hard line and as a result actually make some progress in this area over time, I am weak and sabotage myself night after night by offering a small and simple snack like fat-free saltines, string cheese, or toasted wheat bread with jelly. 445 more words

Food And Drink

vegetable kings and protein princes

“Mom, what can I have for snack?” The Kidling inquired at bedtime, every child’s favorite time to realize her need for sustenance. “I want yogurt. And cheese!” 26 more words


To eat after dinner or not to eat after dinner? That is the question!

One common weight loss strategy is: no food after 6:00pm (insert arbitrary time after dinner…I have heard them all!). When asked why, the usual response is: we don’t burn Calories during sleep. 502 more words


7 Tricks for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Logging eight hours of sleep per night can take as much as three years off your RealAge. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, lowers circulation, causing you to look pale and washed out. 713 more words

Your Body