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Story Time: Chile - El Viejo del Saco

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“I have not thought of this story in 20 years,” Isidro reflected, “but here in Chile they tell the children of El Viejo del Saco.” 1,000 more words

The Big " O " Part 4... Bedtime Stories

My mouth now wide open. I cant believe he just tore my dress off. More than upset, I am impressed and turned on. I grab his tie and wrap my arms around his neck. 1,008 more words


The Big "O" ... Part Two... Bedtime Stories

He takes a step closer and i take one back. 

He takes another step, this one quicker than the last placing his hand on my back slightly above my ass,  sliding the tips of his fingers between my thong as he bends down an places his mouth against my ear. 1,060 more words