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Coffee Break: Bedtime Books

It’s Bedtime Books week here on Eerdlings as we celebrate the forthcoming release of At Night by Helga Bansch. Today, Ahna and Katherine share their own favorite picks for crawling in bed on a summer evening. 22 more words


Akuko-Ifo: Episode II

A very, very long time ago, the land and the sky were friends. The sky even came down to visit the Land on most days. 588 more words


32 degrees in the shade...

“What are you looking for? You are a wonderful woman… you are smart, funny and so help me God…extremely attractive…” he said laughing naughty. “Tell me what is it that you are looking for…” 590 more words

Bedtime Story

Flash Fiction: Monster on the Bed

Cowering beneath the bed, he waited with shaking limbs as the creature stalked into the room on rubbery hooves. The towering monster settled on the foot of the bed next to the smaller… 80 more words


Upsy Downsy

​”What are you doing?” father asked.

Billy removed the mirror from under his chin.

“I’m imagining what the world would be like upside down,” Billy explained. 1,047 more words

Bedtime Story

#CoolDad #010


Tim: “… and then when she’s fiiinally close enough, the lioness SNATCHES her prey!!”



Tim: “She grrraaaabs the gazelle by the neck and TEARS through the skin, flesh and bone. 124 more words

#CoolDad Lyfe