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Bedtime Stories with Cary # 19

Once upon a time there was a clown. He was happy. He got to entertain kids at parties and brought joy to all. Every night he loved going home to his family. 109 more words

Meeko's Terrible Worm

The planet Meeko was 219 light years from Earth. The most intelligent beings who inhabited the planet were cognitively very much like humans. However, they were very different physically. 848 more words

Bedtime Story

Stories from a word - Snails

It’s the death that makes you think more about life, third one this week. Brandon was just a youngster too. That’s the problem with youngsters, they head out in their own thinking they know it all but with no-idea how to look out for the warning signs. 796 more words

Adult Childrens Short Story

One Year

Last year March 14, 2016 grandma was laid to rest with a funeral mass I couldn’t understand. Family and friends all gathered around with tears in their eyes. 829 more words


Gramp's Pipe

The children had  gathered in a semicircle around Gramp’s rocking chair. The fire was burning and crackling, playing shadow puppets on the wall of the humble little cabin by the lake. 882 more words

Kids Corner

In college, a few friends wanted to hear me read Harry Potter to them in French one night. So, I grabbed my book and started reading.

785 more words

What Happened to William

After the aliens tore the man in the armor apart, they flew away. They were ordered to return to an officer’s ship to report on the unusual incident. 1,550 more words

Bedtime Story