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एक डरावनी कहानी

नानी कहानी सुनाने लगी.
राजा अपने राजकुमार बेटे से तो बहुत प्यार करता था. पर रानी पर दिन रात जुल्म करता था. राजकुमार को यह देख कर बहुत गुस्सा आता था, पर बेचारा क्या करता. बहुत छोटा था.
एक दिन आया कि राजकुमार जवान हो गया.
अचानक चिंटू घबरा कर बोला, “नहीं नानी नहीं. यह वाली कहानी नहीं. मुझे डर लगता है.”
“डर लगता है बेटा ?” नानी असमंजस में पड़ गई. “तो फिर कौनसी कहानी सुनाऊँ ?”
चिंटू उछल कर बोला, ” शेर वाली कहानी. जिसमें शेर दहाड़ता है, ज़ोर से. और जंगल के सब जानवर डर के मारे थरथर कांपने लगते हैं.”
शेर की कहानी शुरू की नानी ने, पर मन कहीं और उलझा था.


Ludacris Saves Bedtime

“Read it again daddy!!! Again. Now again… AGAIN… AGAIN…. A…G…A….I…..N!!!!!!” The words ring in my ears like an alarm clock on an early Monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than reading a book or two, or twelve to my son before bed. 144 more words

Today in Madonna History: May 7, 1995

On May 7 1995, Madonna’s Bedtime Story debuted at #40 in New Zealand. The single peaked at #38 the following week and then left the charts after three weeks.


Something Bad is Going to Happen

George notices the sky and the ocean turning red as he cleans the grill grate. He leaves the task and straightens up as if he just decided firmly that the chore can wait. 1,223 more words


Rockabye Pirate / The Tooth Fairy's Royal Visit

Rockabye Pirate
Timothy Knapman and Ada Grey
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Don’t expect loud shouts of ‘Avast me ‘arties’ and similar in this pirate tale; far from it, for Knapman’s text is a lilting, under the covers-luring, lullaby for mummy pirates or daddies for that matter, to share with their pirate offspring at bedtime. 312 more words

Picture Books

Louis Walked for Warmth

My world was cold. All of it. I left my home, against my family’s advice, to find a warmer place. They told me, ‘Louie, you’re not going to find anything.’ They were right if they were talking about a warmer place. 1,173 more words


How to Sell Flies to a Frog

To sell flies to a frog, tell the frog it needs to catch flies to eat.

Next, remind the frog that it uses its eyeballs to push the flies down its throat. 39 more words