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What a wicked thing to do...

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you… it’s strange what desire will make foolish people do

“I enjoyed watching him taking his shirt off his pants… just on a side… I think it was on the left side… before having sex… it was a simple gesture, I don’t think he even realized it and yet I really liked it… I liked WATCHING him!

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Bedtime Story

Red Fox Adventure

One month after the start of a very cold winter, Mother and Father Red Fox searched for a new home. They wanted a safe location to have their pups. 965 more words

Bedtime Story

The Bedtime Story cont.

“I really look forward to bedtime now” announced my little girl as we were sat around the table eating. I was pleasantly surprised, the bedtime story based around her activities was certainly working well, seeming to help her get to sleep easier than other things we have tried, but I had not anticipated the impact the story was obviously having to this often fraught time of the day. 386 more words

Conscious Parenting

Olvassunk... újabb (javított) altató mesét

Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin: Szép álmokat, Ella! (Kolibri, 2016)

Megérkezett az Aludj el szépen, Bendegúz! folytatása, a Szép álmokat, Ella! Sőt, a kiegészítő szöveg szerint háromrészes sorozatról van szó, így akinek valamelyik nem jön be, választhat másik főszereplőt. 308 more words


The Christmas Egg Case

A field of Douglas Fir trees was spread out in straight rows and straight columns. They were short enough to fit inside of a living room. 397 more words

Bedtime Story

Don't stop dreaming!

“So…  how are you?”
“Great! You?”
“No… really… how are YOU?”

A moment of silence… she was bored to hear the same question… she didn’t even want to try to think about it. 458 more words

Bedtime Story

The Old Fish with One Wish - a children's story

This is a bedtime story told by one of my Dragon Soul characters, Morgen, to a small boy named Aidan. You must read it in a dramatic voice (lol) and please feel free to share with little ones. 452 more words