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Bedtime Story

Whenever I’m drowsy, I tell myself a story.

Not one written nor read such as poetry, but one called from memory.

I close my eyes so I may see, I do not speak to listen to the symphony. 36 more words

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 7.3 To Cudgel's House

CH. 7.3 To Cudgel’s House
Eli snuck down the cobbled streets of the town, keeping to the darker areas. The waning moon provided enough light to see, so he didn’t need his lantern. 311 more words

Jay BR Wokky

The Birth of Venus

I sit in the love seat, leaning into the corner with my leg up over the arm as an open book rests in my lap. I sit naked trying to escape the heat. 269 more words


Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 7.2 Another Gift From the Wizard

Ch. 7.2 Another Gift from the Wizard
Eli continued to creep along the passage of the dungeon. Ten doors down, he came upon a cell with thick metal bars across the front. 657 more words


How I Cured My Sleepless Nights!

Now, this post is going to require you to be a little open minded. What I’m about to write about may help some of you, but not others, since everyone is different. 723 more words

Every Pot has to Sit on its Own Bottom

“My teacher said you have to call her,” Jason told his mom.


“She didn’t like my drawing.”

Jason’s mom looked directly at him. He felt squirmy. 602 more words

Short Story

a warm, chilly night

My eyes creep open with sleep. It is late. There is a hint of street light creeping through the dim curtains. I lay there on my side. 107 more words