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Ignore the Flowers Day: September, 2016

For me, blooms make the garden. This attitude is considered unsophisticated by some, who say we must pay greater attention to more enduring plant features: foliage, texture, structure, yada yada. 329 more words

Shrubs And Small Trees

Plant - Monarda punctata/Spotted Bee Balm

“Monarda punctata is a herbaceous plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, that is native to eastern Canada, the eastern United States and northeastern Mexico. Common names include spotted beebalm and horsemint.

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Rock Stars

Some flowers and some bugs – It’s like they were born to be Rock Stars.

Natural light photography.  Great light.  Great subjects.

Swallowtails, zinnias, beebalm and echinacea – Rock Stars!


5. Insect

If you look closely, you can see a bumblebee among the Bergamot flowers. (Bergamot flowers are also commonly referred to as “Bee Balm.”)

Insects are a small arthropod animal with generally one or two pairs of wing to fly and has six legs. 25 more words


With Kindest Regards…

The humming and buzzing of pollinators has fled from our garden, leaving the dry rustling notes of August behind. Bee balm was the last flower for the butterflies and bumble bees and hummingbirds, and now it’s letting its hair down, another cycle complete, the chaos of its form still inviting. 22 more words


Mid-August Blooms, Part 1

I had a happy reunion with the garden after Judy and I returned from our trip late Saturday afternoon. The first thing I noticed were bright swaths of yellow that seemed to dominate the area in front of the house. 609 more words

Native Plants And Wildflowers