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Plant List 2015

Our interest is in native perennials and plants that help provide food and shelter for Butterflys, Hummingbirds, Honeybees*, and other pollinating insects. This also helps birds and our four legged friends. 278 more words

Plant 2 Bee Balm & Call Me In The Morning

Several species, including Monarda fistulosa and M. didyma, have a long history of use as medicinal plants by many Native Americans, such as the Blackfoot, Menominee, Ojibwa and Winnebago. 183 more words


Sunny Red

Just love these flowers.  They remind me of Bee Balm, but miniaturized!


Bee Balm Tea

Well it was warm-ish here in Michigan.  At least I got to get out and clear my garden, where I discovered that last year, in my infinite wisdom, I planted Bee Balm in the garden.  249 more words

Spring Seedlings

Grisha has been busy, so the vegetable garden has fallen to my shoulders. I labeled a lot of paper towel rolls, with little insight into how illegible they would become after multiple waterings. 220 more words


Wild Bergamot and Bee Balm Wildflowers Make Delicious Medicine

Bee-balm or Monarda which is the Latin name, is a beautiful wildflower native to North east North America. It is known for the popular beverage Natives call… 403 more words

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