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The high heat of summer can wear anybody down, especially here in New England where most houses don’t have central air. Thankfully, there’s flowers. Nothing makes a hot and humid New England summer better than a lovely array of colorful blossoms.

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Bee Balm, Horsemint, Wild Bergamot

How many names does one flower need? I prefer Bee Balm because there are usually big, fat bees lighting on them. These are just gorgeous and are extremely plentiful on the Cow Creek Trail.

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Proliferation of Purple: A Sunday Walk at Draper Twin Lakes Park

Love lavender?  Passionate about purple?  Consider a short walk at Draper Twin Lake Park –  SOON!  Just start down the nice wide path to the fishing dock and you’ll begin to see one lavender/blue/purple plant after the next – even a lavender and blue insect!   689 more words

Flowering Plants

Curb Appeal

The front garden is the one thing that really brings out my exhibitionist tendencies. I want it to grab the attention of people walking or driving by. 544 more words

Native Plants And Wildflowers

Foraging with Fairies

Warm afternoon sun poured over the garden. My grand-daughter and I accompanied two other ladies to forage with Barbara Roch. The first plant we were introduced to was wild raspberries and Amelia was given the task to gather the berries; then later any flowers that we could use for our lunch. 375 more words

Dog Days

I love the dog days of summer.  Most people are tired of summer by now.  But for me it’s time to prepare for my fall garden and get the last of the wild plants harvested and dried.   947 more words

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