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First 21 days of a Bees Life

You will enjoy watching a bee develop from an egg to a larva to a bee, right before your eyes in only a minute or so time.


5 Weeks in 5 Days Challenge: Days 3, 4, and 5

Soo I’m going cheat and power through days 3-5 because I’m behind and so much is happening that I should probably talk about.

Highlight of week 3: We hiked up a gazillion mountains. 161 more words

Let's make yogurt from scratch

Human digestive tract is home to a lot of bacteria and yeast. These micro-organisms are helping us to break down the food  so that mankind can get the vitamins, minerals and amino acids out of food. 1,150 more words


Winter in Beevona: Checking the Hives

It’s winter in Beevona!

Last week, I went out with my aunt (pictured above and below) to check how her hives were doing since we’ve had some cold days lately. 405 more words


Digital Native or Digital Immigrant

In Glen Rand’s “Capture“, he makes an interesting point that when trying to understand how digital photography works, you’re either a “Digital Native” or a “Digital Immigrant”.   615 more words

The Journey

Making Babies

Five days had passed, and the time had come to inspect our newly established hive.  There were a few important things to check on.

1.  1,370 more words

Chubby Bee Babies.

This weekend….

…The girls are all a squeal with stage make-up…

So while peacefully making a strawberry rhubarb crisp I had to stop and paint my girls up. 727 more words