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After some deliberation, I made a separate blog to document my use of essential oils at home since not all of my posts at Walk Trot Frolic will be essential oil related and may be only about my animals, which, as much as I love them, don’t really have anything to do with Tail Wind Spa and as such, the tone is a little more informal.   127 more words

And so it begins...

After much confusion, frustration, and headache, I’ve finally (I think) got a blog set up.  I have a tendency to over-estimate my own abilities, and setting up a blog was one of them.   839 more words

Bee Sting

I'll take the Uninteresting, please.

So let’s talk about the UNinteresting for a moment. I consider the vast majority of my life happenings to be rather uninteresting. It’s a lot of paying bills, cleaning up messes, doing laundry, cooking, playing chauffeur to the children and trying to figure out my teenager’s agendas. 952 more words

What is good for treating bee stings- medicine or home treatment?

A bee sting is a painful condition which you normally face due to the defensive attack of a honey bee. They inject venom through their stingers into the skin of the victim. 643 more words

Good Things From the Yard

Nearly started off with an interesting typo! “Good Thongs From the Yard” – that could have raised some eyebrows! Spring is here and good things are showing up. 254 more words


64.   11  Ways To Use Baking-Soda For Health

Did you know that baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) can be used to remove plaque and odors from your teeth, can be used for minor injuries, including insect bites, bee stings, poison ivy, splinters, and sunburn? 1,024 more words

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)


Now that syllabus week is over, the dust has begun to settle around the chaotic mess of meetings and deadlines that have once again become my life. 1,087 more words