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Honey bee sting

I found a honey bee today flying in the bedroom. I love playing with bee toys from the Bee movie and I picked it up to have a closer look. 248 more words

Grateful to past experience...

Every morning, a group of bees will definitely hang out in our front yard to get warm from lighting. They love to fly in to our kitchen and say”Good morning”  when I am cooking. 221 more words



<<reheats coffee even though there’s only one sip left>>


Random Thoughts

First attack of a bee

This afternoon after my son’s nap and afternoon snack we went out to the new deck to play and watch Daddy cut the grass and leaf blow the driveway.  309 more words

Flash Fiction - Animal Behaviour

Oh the wondrous bee, small, black, yellow, and winged you are. With your buzzing around, seeking pollen from the centres of pedalled flowers. It seems odd just how close and far humans and bees really are. 134 more words

Summer Tasks

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, my little getaway…  Does the folding chair belongs to anyone?

 Love paddling on a calm lake, you can tell I am a beginner!  79 more words