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Picture Comprehension

What do you think of this photo, let’s read your views on this…






I was stung by a bee on Tuesday. A honey bee. Stung in the exact moment that I was pulling out of a difficult situation with spectacular awkwardness. 373 more words


bee sting

hate, despise, disgust
but is there any other word for love?
running out of words
wearing through the soles of my shoe
throat closing up from your bee sting… 17 more words


Bee Sting "Bee" Gone Essential Oil Protocol

Sadly, my oldest son had his first bee encounter today. After removing the stinger, I applied a drop of Frankincense and a drop of Roman Chamomile, followed by a cold compress. 68 more words

Essential Oils

Gambling Against Wasps

Even through my darkest of moments, one of the most uplifting, transformative moments of any given day is daybreak. I am transfixed on the orange cast of light as it glows behind the trees. 382 more words

Healing The Mind

Bee Stings, Midlife and Telling Stories

I stepped gingerly across the slick wet rocks, boots in hand, the small stream gleaming. There was something important about getting to the other side without falling in. 744 more words

Grown Up Life

Bees always deflate my ego,and dampen my chivalry

I hate to admit that I fear bees,yes,those tiny insects that others brush off ever so casually off their faces.

My paranoia around bees is informed by past undignified trauma. 942 more words

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