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Fargo man hiking in Arizona dies when swarm of bees attacks

A Fargo man hiking in a park near Phoenix died after he was attacked by a swarm of bees that stung him more than 1,000 times, authorities estimate. 235 more words


Everything to Know about Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bee are large-sized bees that are distributed across the world. These bees are dark in color and look quite similar to bumblebees. The carpenter bee is not a social insect and usually create their nests in dead wood or bamboo. 286 more words

Bee Removal


The park where I walk my dog is big enough to accommodate two lacrosse pitches. It is not massive, but it is not small either. To walk around the perimeter with two small dogs, who like to stop and sniff, have the odd pee and maybe chase the occasional ball, or the occasional dog chasing a ball takes around twenty minutes. 770 more words


The Story of a Yellow Jacket, an Ambulance Ride, and Uber

What a long, strange trip it was…

Here I am, catching a little cat nap in my favorite comfie chair when I was awoken from my dreamlike slumber by what felt like Tinkerbelle jabbing me with a mini fire poke in my tush!  555 more words


It's Bee Sting Time Here!

You’d think taking the clothes out of the dryer would be a simple and stress-free activity, wouldn’t you? Imagine this…you pull the clothes (or sheets, in this instance) out of the dryer. 668 more words

Musing: My First Memory

My first memory is being stung by a bee. I must have been about two or three. Mom had taken me across the street to the park to play. 200 more words


When You Have To Perform With Bofrot

No, you are not eating the bofrot. You are being the bofrot. The bofrot is you. (Well, actually your mouth is.)

Yesterday, 2nd April 2016, was so magnificently eventful. 1,087 more words

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