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Hiker Fun

October 19, 2017

There can be a sense of mischievous power in the opportunity to wake up a friend.  This morning, we rose early as usual, getting on the trail at 7:30 a.m.  798 more words

Appalachian Trail

I Don't Know Much... But FOOD!

I realise now that I never knew much about my dad. I know he was a good man, a good father and a good husband. I do know some of the things he enjoyed eating (He loved food). 241 more words


Lawn mowing: Do not try this at home

My husband and I…..

Oh wait did I forget to tell you???? Yep, we got married. (I’ll wait so you can finish celebrating, I know it’s a HUGE deal) 1,139 more words

Daily Prompt: Sting

Ted is fascinated with bees, this was bound to happen sooner or later…



The Sting!

September 14, 2017

It’s another beautiful day on the trail!  We hike past a pond, with brush overgrowing the path.

Jay is slightly ahead, and suddenly I hear him cry out. 1,120 more words

Appalachian Trail

Milo-0, Bee Sting-1

This is what happens when a four year old tough guy tells you it was a cactus spine, not a Bee Sting. Worse, it must have been a mild one, because he didnt exhibit any swelling at the sting site until after bed. 196 more words