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Just Keep Stinging...

Sorry I’ve been neglecting all my readers! I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say. Things have been rough, really rough. I don’t like to be all negative when I post, so I haven’t been saying much on Facebook and have been avoiding my blog altogether. 617 more words


Just Doing It

I admit it; I’ve avoided writing. Treatments came and went. I got better then sicker then sicker still. Personal problems rattled my and my family’s world and suddenly I didn’t know what to say anymore. 425 more words



The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. ~Saint John Chrysostom

I’ve been sick. Too sick for words. 312 more words

Week 5: 10 Stings!

Today marks the start of my fifth week of BVT, and also my first day at ten stings. As per the protocol you may go up two stings per week, which I was able to do. 425 more words


Third Week of BVT

I’m now in my third week of bee venom therapy, and today was my second session at six stings!

I am so happy and encouraged by how things are going. 583 more words


Herxing and Detoxing

Remember how last night I posted about how great I have felt since starting bee venom? And that I knew it would probably be short lived and things would get hard? 660 more words


Four Stings!

I have now been doing BVT for a week. I am already so encouraged by this treatment. I did three sessions at two stings, and then today we went up to four. 373 more words