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30 Days of Bee Venom Therapy

After one month of Bee Venom Therapy using Amber Rose’s Lyme Protocol, it is time to reflect on the process of BVT and how it is affecting me.   445 more words


Bravery is... A Tear in the Eye (Strong Heart, Strong Will)

Recently someone at church found out about my starting apitherapy.  He said, “You are very brave.”  I had mixed feelings about that comment!

At first reaction, the thoughts in my head were “Brave? 164 more words


Bee Venom Therapy Begins with a Sting and a Yelp

Yesterday was my first sting day (July 12, 2015), and it went well.  Nervous and excited.  Forgot to bring the ice.  Beekeeper was fabulous (he stung me).   298 more words


One Year of Trying and Waiting and Trying Again

The second Sunday in July. One year ago today, I was desperate to join my local Lyme Disease Support Group and meet other people in the same boat.   352 more words


Healing from the Heart Outwards

This has been a long journey.  Others that have come before me have paved the way and they have endured much, much more than I can bear.   305 more words


The Buzz on Venom Research

By Jenny Geyer

For centuries, civilizations around the world have used the venom from a variety of creatures for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes, but it wasn’t until recently that modern medicine chose to give these substances… 744 more words

Current Perspectives

Happy Christmas from the apiary

Well its coming to the end of 2014 and its been another fantastic beekeeping season, the apiary has expanded and its been a bumper year as far as honey production goes. 413 more words