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more tiny humans

On a Friday in June–some of the best kinds of Fridays are in June–we found out that I am pregnant again.  Then, I promptly vomited, as if, now that it was official, I officially had symptoms. 319 more words


Don’t be slagging of Adolf, that’s Nazism-ism!

It’s another moment of language and terminology clarification so we can all better understand what it is we are talking about.

We will start with racism. 521 more words

The Annual BBC Berry Birthday Show

The annual BBC 4 “Berry Birthday” showing of the 1972  Stanley Dorman-produced  ” In Concert- Chuck Berry with Rockin’ Horse”  makes me realize why the Beeb has never licensed this performance out to general C.D. 312 more words

Michael Snow

Dear old Beeb flows through my veins

ALL it takes is to leave these shores for a few hours and you soon discover how great a part the BBC plays in your life. 587 more words

Columns 2015

Backing the Beeb

Waking up on the morning of the 8th May, I was calm and comfortable. It was the first night I’d slept in my bed for months, and for a few blissful seconds only the comparative heaven of rectangular pillows against square French ones, and the joy of waking up to birdsong instead of sirens, was on my mind. 842 more words


Chris Evans - Top Gear

Yes, it’s official, even after being dismissed only just recently by the man himself, Chris Evans is heading for the fast lane and taking over at Top Gear! 484 more words


wrangling dreams

I used to have such a great memory.

But now, there are things that fill up the space and interrupt the making of memories, or their recall. 339 more words